5 Reasons You May Be Having Plumbing Pains!

The 5 Usual Suspects of Plumbing Issues

Plumbing pains can be attributed to a variety of factors big and small. Especially in Florida where there is an increased amount of rain affecting drain and main sewer lines. Our team of ELITE plumbers has listed a few reasons why you may be experiencing plumbing issues. Keep reading to find out what they are and what you should look for!

Tree Roots

tree roots in a pipeOne of the most widely recognized sources of blockages and clogs in main sewer lines are tree roots. While it’s more common to find tree roots in the pipes of older homes, they can find their way into homes of any age. Tree roots seek moisture and are naturally drawn to the water in waste and sanitary sewer pipes, especially if one has a crack or a leak.


Hair naturally falls out, especially while in the shower. Unfortunately for our drains, it can accumulate to the point where it creates a slow flow or total blockage in our home’s pipes. Practicing preventative measures such as using a drain screen, cleaning out your hairbrush over the waste bin, and removing hair out of sinks rather than rinsing it down will go a long way. If you do see hair accumulate in your drain or hanging down it, use needle-nose pliers to remove it.

Pipe Scale

pipe scale inside pipesPipe scale is the buildup of natural minerals and other deposits from coming in contact with water. Scale deposits usually result from dissolved calcium and magnesium that are left behind as water flows. Scale begins in one spot and attracts more until it grows into an obstructive size.

Summer Storms

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but it brings heavy rain and hurricanes during the summer. The rainy season allows for water to accumulate rapidly on the ground and overwhelm sewer systems. It also allows increased pressure on pipes, and with enough pressure, pipes can burst. Although many modern plumbing systems are built to withstand this pressure, older homes are susceptible to damage.

Sediment Buildup

sediment buildup on faucetAlthough limescale buildup isn’t a unique problem to the state of Florida, it is common. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for white mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures. If you begin to notice deposits on those fixtures it’s a safe bet that they exist in your pipes as well. If too much mineral buildup blocks the flow of your home’s water, extreme pressure can occur and cause your pipes to burst.

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