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What Components Need To Be Checked During a Routine Tune-Up?

ADA Compliant Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Summertime is just around the corner, and for homeowners in Florida, that also means air conditioning on full blast. Air conditioners play an important role in making homes comfortable during the summer, but they also need regular maintenance to keep them running safely and efficiently.

When looking for a tune-up that will meet ADA compliance standards, look no further than this guide from industry professionals in Port St. Lucie.


1. Control Board

The control board is basically the brain of your air conditioner. It powers the compressor and communicates between different components to make sure that the system is efficiently cooling your home!

2. Compressor

The speed compressor is arguably the most important component of an air conditioner. It is responsible for ensuring that there are no temperature swings within the home. During a professional tune-up, all connections will be tested in order to detect and address any potential problems.

3. Compressor Sound Insulator

In addition to checking the compressor, our expert AC technicians in Port St. Lucie also check the compressor sound insulator. This component is responsible for reducing the sound of the compressor, making a quieter home environment.

4. Coils

The coils are another critical part of your air conditioning system. They are responsible for enhancing airflow, and resist rust and leaks. Our technicians thoroughly clean the coils to remove any dirt, dust, and debris on the coils.

5. Weatherguard Top

Besides all of the mechanical parts of an air conditioner, we also check that the weatherguard top (or outer layer of the unit) doesn’t have any exterior damage and clear away any debris.

6. Basepan

The basepan, which catches condensation and potential leaks, will also be checked for any indications of loose fittings or signs of leaking.

Call Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air today for more information about our ADA compliant air conditioning tune-up, and make sure your home is ready for the summer heat!