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Benefits of AC Maintenance in the Spring

Prepare for the Summer With Spring AC Maintenance

Spring cleaning is the number one thing on people’s to-do lists this time of year. Along with spring cleaning comes multiple projects, including anything from tidying up the house or cleaning out the garage to preparing the landscaping for summer. 

Along with all the projects typically found on a spring cleaning checklist, there are usually some home maintenance items. For homeowners that tend to forget important spring cleaning projects, here is a reminder not to neglect an air conditioning tune-up this spring. Here are three reasons to remember air conditioning maintenance this spring. 

Improve Energy Efficiency 

saveSummer is an exciting time of year. People take time off from work to go on vacation. Kids are out of school, and beaches are open for business. However, the one common complaint among home and business owners during the summer is that air conditioning bills skyrocket. Instead of spending money on summer fun, people waste money on an inefficient air conditioner. 

Spring AC maintenance is the best way to keep cooling bills low over the summer because it improves the unit’s energy efficiency. When technicians perform a professional AC tune-up, they will perform tasks like cleaning the coils, checking the thermostat, and changing air filters. These maintenance tasks will significantly reduce the work needed for an AC system to cool a home or business by making the cooling process more efficient. 

Protect Equipment Reliability 

hvacProper and regular maintenance of an air conditioner is essential for ensuring that it runs reliably with fewer repairs. Regularly replacing the air filters, cleaning the coils, checking refrigerant levels, and lubricating moving parts are all essential to ensure the AC continues running smoothly. These maintenance tasks help reduce unexpected wear-and-tear on different components of the air conditioner, reducing the chances of a breakdown or that it will need repairs. 

Additionally, regularly scheduled maintenance visits by an experienced HVAC technician can help identify minor problems before they become larger, more expensive repairs. By taking these measures and keeping up with regular maintenance, people can ensure that their AC runs reliably with fewer surprise repairs down the line.

Increase the Life Expectancy of AC Equipment 

Keeping costs low in homes and businesses is vital for protecting the budget. While lower energy bills and fewer repairs from maintenance go a long way towards keeping spending down, routine AC maintenance also prolongs the lifespan of the equipment, preventing the need to pay for an AC replacement early. 

When yearly maintenance is done, home and business owners can expect their heating and cooling equipment to last longer and significantly decrease the likelihood of costly premature failure. Get started this year by scheduling spring air conditioning maintenance with local professionals. 

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