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New Homeowner

Before Buying a New Home, Test the Following Items for Issues

Before Buying a New Home, Test the Following Items for Issues

New Homeowner

Before you sign on the dotted line to own your new home, engage in some due diligence to protect yourself. Buying a home is often a decision that is rooted in your emotions, but in order to reduce your financial vulnerability and to preserve your intended home as an asset, there is a checklist that you should follow.

Make this purchase a “home sweet home” by adopting a buyer beware attitude. Here are some suggestions for items to be mindful of during your Port St Lucie, FL housing search.

Test the Switches

Test the switchesAs a first step, ensure that each switch is functioning in the house. If lights don’t go on, try to determine why. Is it a burnt out bulb or is there a wiring problem at the source?

This is something to be wary of because wiring that hasn’t been done to code is a fire hazard; it isn’t uncommon to find DIY wiring from home handymen who have taken on renovations themselves without the proper, official training.

Also, test the Air Conditioning and the furnace to make sure they work well. Moving in and not having your A/C or your heat (depending on the season) working is not exactly a housewarming present. Check that fans and major appliances (if included with the purchase) are working too.

Invest in a Home that is Insulated

Invest an insulated homeIt’s not the most glamorous feature, but buying a home that is well-insulated will go very far in helping your household dollars go further by cutting your energy bills. Perhaps this small investment will provide you with money to direct to other areas of your house, so it should be a priority.

Check that the attic, basement, exterior walls, and garage have well-wrapped insulation that is snug against the walls. Also look for water damage, and prepare to replace.

If you want to save even more money on your heating and cooling bills, take extra steps to make your home airtight after you move in, like caulking seals around windows and filling gaps under doors with weather stripping.

Don’t Forgo the Property Inspection

Property InspectionWant to protect your investment? Know what you are getting into by having a thorough property inspection done by a licensed professional.

This gets you access “behind the walls” to more accurately be able to gauge what condition the home is in. In addition to helping you make an informed decision and helping you budget accordingly for repairs, a property inspection is a bargaining tool.

You can use it as a reason to exit your contract if the home isn’t suitable or to adjust your price to account for repairs.