Here’s Why You Should Treat Your HVAC System Like Your Car

Here’s Why You Should Treat Your HVAC System Like Your Car

Yes, you read that right - your A/C and heating unit is like your car. Living in Florida, we know the importance of air conditioning when the brutal summer heat extends all the way into November and the importance of heating when the temperatures finally drop.

Many Florida residents don’t realize that their home A/C and heating system functions around 3,300 hours per year! If you happened to drive your car for the same 3,300 hours at 65 miles per hour, it would total a whopping 214,500 miles on your odometer. You wouldn’t want to make that trek without the proper tune-ups, such as an oil change or a routine check on your wheels, to assure you of a safe and efficient road trip.

Much like your car, your A/C unit needs regular tune-ups as it runs year-round so that it can run efficiently and be reliable when you need it. Check out these three tips for routine maintenance.

Filter, Please


Changing or cleaning your filter is essential to your A/C unit’s performance.

We recommend switching the air filter once a month for optimal efficiency, especially if you have a furry member of your family that happens to shed a lot.

This is also helpful during allergy seasons because of the pollen in the air.

Inspector Gadget... Or Inspect Your Gadgets

Certain parts of your HVAC unit should be looked at yearly to ensure they’re tight, clean and working properly.


Neglecting of these parts, such as the electrical connections or fan motors, can lead to leakages, rusted parts, or larger problems because the issue wasn’t taken care of.

Smooth Moves

lubricatiionLubricating the condenser fan motors needs to be done with any system tune-up. Along with cleaning the fans themselves, both of these will increase the efficiency of air circulation in your home.

It’ll keep your HVAC unit running smoothly year-round!
 Since your system will likely be running another 3,300 hours in the next year, feel free to give us a call here at 772-905-3527 to schedule a tune-up. Let our ELITE team bring your unit up to the maximum operating standards so it will be there for you in the long run!


Why Celebrate Your AC This July?

Why Celebrate Your AC This July?


Did you know it’s National AC Day? For HVAC contractors, National Air Conditioner Day is one of the most important days of the year. Not only is it a time to show your appreciation for your local HVAC contractors, but it’s also a time to appreciate your air conditioner by scheduling routine maintenance, a tune-up, having any necessary repairs done and, if need be, replacing your AC.

Ever experienced a cooling emergency? We sure have. We’ve seen everything from bridal parties in a near panic due to the failure of the AC in the bridal suite, the bride and bridesmaids in a near panic to keep their makeup from sweating off. We’ve also seen people become dehydrated and experience medical emergencies due to their inability to reach a cooling shelter.

Instead of looking for a greeting card or sending a thank-you note, the best way to celebrate National AC Day is to make sure your air conditioner is up-to-date and functioning properly and keeping you comfortable. Once that’s accomplished, you can give your local HVAC contractor a shoutout on your blog or social media.

Routine Maintenance Goes a Long Way

airconditioningmaintenanceScheduling regular maintenance on your AC can be a pain in the neck. When your day is jam-packed as it is, making an appointment for AC repair can seem like a low priority.

Plus, it means incurring the expense of having a technician come out, which can lead to additional expenses if any parts need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, it just feels easier not to deal with it.

That said, we know that that attitude is illogical in the long-run. While it might save some upfront costs initially, waiting for an AC to completely fail is never a good idea. It’s a way of guaranteeing that you’ll be facing a considerable expense; whether it’s the repair/replacement of major component parts or the total replacement of the AC.

Additionally, failing to have timely maintenance done can null and void any sort of contract that you may have with your HVAC contractor. Save yourself a major headache and make a note on your calendar when it’s time to schedule your routine maintenance.

When to Opt For Replacement

acreplacementAir conditioners have a limited lifespan, like anything mechanical. Some last longer than others and are carefully engineered and well-built, but nevertheless have a shelf life. At some point, most likely after several years, your AC will need total replacement.

Again, it can be frustrating to have to spend the money to replace a major appliance. However, there are many positives to having an HVAC expert install a brand new unit. Rather than attempting to do the installation yourself, which involves both mechanical and electrical expertise, you will be able to rest assured that the AC was installed correctly.

If you should have any problems, you have a contractor who will stand by his or her work and perform any subsequent adjustments. If you’re concerned about the expense of a new air conditioner, bear in mind that in recent years, air conditioners have become much more energy-efficient. You will most likely see an immediate decrease in your utility bills. Plus, a new air conditioner will undoubtedly circulate cool air more effectively throughout your home, leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

How Can Duct Cleaning Play a Role?

ductcleaningYou can help to keep your AC ducts and vents in a manageable state with regular dusting or a quick once-over with the vacuum hose. However, it is important to have an HVAC technician conduct thorough, professional duct cleaning.

There are microbes, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens within the air conditioner that we cannot reach ourselves. More alarmingly, it’s easy for mold and mildew to grow within an air conditioner’s vents.

The mold and mildew spores are subsequently circulated through the house, which can exacerbate the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and cause other, more serious respiratory problems. These worrisome scenarios can be completely eliminated by having an HVAC technician service your AC on a regular basis as recommended.

So, celebrate National AC Day by making an appointment with one our techs, and remember, a shoutout on social media goes a long way, so please take a moment to recognize your personal HVAC tech who works hard to keep you comfortable year-round.


Energy Efficient Tips for World Environment Day

Energy Efficient Tips for World Environment Day


Did you know that June 5 is World Environment Day? World Environment Day is a United Nation’s celebration that aims to raise awareness and to induce action to protect the environment. The UN started this event in 1974, and the celebration has grown to include more than 143 countries.

All of us at Elite Electric & Air are proud to celebrate this day and to do our part to protect the environment. With that in mind, we’re excited to share some tips to help you be a little more energy efficient this summer.

Work to Strategically Keep Heat Away

closeblindsOne way to take the pressure off of your air conditioner is to work to regulate the temperature in your home as much as possible, even on the hottest days.

One way to do this is by planting trees around your home to help provide some shade. These will provide a number of environmental benefits while also helping to keep your home cool.

Another easy way to keep the heat away is by closing blinds or window coverings to block out the sun. Keeping windows covered during the hottest part of the day can have a significant impact on your indoor temperature and can make your home remain noticeably cooler throughout the day.

Finally, use ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home and to help keep it comfortable throughout the day. Try these tips to help keep your home a little bit cooler no matter how high the temperature outdoors is.

Stay Hydrated to Maintain Your Body Temperature

drinkcoldwaterHave you ever thought of staying hydrated as a way of being more energy efficient? Most of us haven’t, but it can be an effective strategy.

Staying hydrated, especially by drinking cold water, helps to lower your body temperature. With a lower body temperature, your body stays cooler and more comfortable without having to lower the thermostat.

This might seem like a small adjustment, but little changes by all of us can have a big impact on the environment. So, this summer help keep your family cooler while also taking some pressure off of your air conditioner by ensuring that everyone stays well hydrated.

Avoid Air Leakage

preventairleakageIs your home properly sealed and insulated? If not, you could be letting out cool air and letting in hot air. A significant amount of cool air can be lost through holes, leaks, and cracks.

As you can imagine, this is very inefficient. Take some time to properly seal all windows or cracks to help avoid this. Additionally, adding insulation to your attic or walls can help to keep cold air in and hot air out.

Not only will this help keep your home cooler this summer, but it will also help make your home more efficient all year long. We hope that these tips will help you to be a little more energy efficient this summer.

Do you know people that would benefit from these tips? If so, please take a minute to share this post with them to help us all increase our impact.


Celebrate Mother’s Day by Remembering Mom’s Tips

Celebrate Mother’s Day by Remembering Mom’s Tips


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It is time to tip our hats to the amazing women who raised us. Whether that woman was your mother, aunt, grandmother, or sister; each of these women has made countless sacrifices to give us all the best life possible. This year, we should all thank our mothers for the countless tips and tricks they have bestowed upon us through the years.

We can all remember an eye roll or two when it came to these tips, right? The importance of vacuuming is not high on the priority list of a teenager, but these things are more important than you thought! Every time your mother told you to dust the living room, or vacuum your room; she had more reason than just teaching us responsibility.

Not only do these things make for a clean living space, but they can also be beneficial for your health, and put less stress on your HVAC system. So many of the “tips” your mom told you are super important in the real world. Let's take a look at some of these…

Fire is a No No

dontdothatOkay, how many of us heard “Don’t play with fire!” as we were growing up? This was maybe the best advice you got from your mother! As adults, we do use fire for any number of things; we burn candles, have campfires, and burn brush and trash in our backyards.

When using fire responsibly, it can be fun; but it has its price. Let’s start with burning trash and brush in your backyard. This can be a very cost-efficient way to rid your yard of unwanted debris, however; burning too close to your home can have hazardous effects on your health.

When you burn brush, for example, you are releasing carbon monoxide into the air. If the brush is wet, the fumes will actually be stronger. These fumes can enter your home and cause serious health risks. Also, the ash from your fire will be absorbed into the ground, and it can pollute your drinking water; this is especially true if you are burning trash.

Moving onto candles. Who doesn’t like a nice candle burning in their home? They give a nice ambiance, and they smell great! Did you know though, that burning candles releases the same gases that burning diesel fuel does? Scary thought, right?

When you burn a paraffin candle, it creates carcinogens that can cause:

  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory infections
  • Cancer

Knowing all of that, candles lose their appeal. There are some alternatives to paraffin candles, however. Beeswax candles are one great alternative that does not pollute the air. Another is using a warming dish with essential oils. You can find some amazing scents! Plus, a lot of natural oils will actually help clean your air!

Mothers and Their Gardens

gardeningSo, a tip heard often while growing up is “don’t forget to water the plants!” A lot of us had this as a chore-along with weeding the garden and planting seeds. If your mother had a love of gardening or just plants in general, chances are you probably had either a full garden or indoor plants.

Not only are beautiful flowers and plants in and around your home is aesthetically pleasing, but indoor plants have also been shown to increase productivity and lower stress. It is probably one of the reasons your mother was so preoccupied with keeping them healthy, but I bet it was not the only reason!

Plants, in general, are amazing at purifying the air! The more plants you have in your home (and around your home) the better your air quality will be. The better your air quality, the less stress you will put on your HVAC system as well! The more pollutants that are in the air, the harder your air filters need to work to remove the debris.

If you keep the pollutants in your air low, you will not need to clean your filters as often, nor need to have them changed. This, in turn, will cut down on time and labor. Which mother does not want that?!

Mothers and Their Vacuum

vacuumfloorThis may be the best tip your mother gave you! At the time, it may have seemed more like a chore or demand versus a tip; but it was a tip nonetheless! Dusting and vacuuming are probably some of the best ways to keep your family healthy and save you money!

As we know, dust left unchecked will settle on pretty much every surface of your home. If not removed, the dust can cause health problems for you and your family. If you have pets; the risks are even greater.

Asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, cold and other illnesses, can all be caused by dust. You may have also heard your mother tell you to dust first and vacuum second. She was absolutely correct! Even when dusting with a wet rag, some of the particles will still be thrown into the air. The dust will then settle on the floor where you will be able to vacuum it up.

This is also another reason why many people recommend vacuuming instead of sweeping- as sweeping really only moves the dust around, but doesn’t necessarily remove it. Keeping all of your surfaces clean by dusting with a wet rag and vacuuming the floors will go along way to keeping the health risks at bay. Also, just as plants help air filters, vacuuming and dusting will prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Give Your Mother a Hug for Her Tips

Looking back now, you can see how right your mother was about so many things! Take this opportunity to thank your mother for her wisdom!

In the long run, her love and care has saved you in more ways than one! Come Mother’s Day, let her know you appreciate every tip she gave to you! Elite Electric & Air wishes all Mothers a very special Mother’s Day!


How to Properly Install Central AC in an Old House

How to Properly Install Central AC in an Old House

You might think that an old house cannot have central air conditioning and this couldn't be further from the truth. Older structures can enjoy today's modern conveniences, like air conditioning, if it is done correctly and without mistakes

Many owners of older homes do not want to break open walls and ceilings, as this will take away from the home's original, old-world charm. If the house does not have the required ductwork, some demolition may be necessary in order to install it.

However, it is very possible to install central air conditioning in your old home without having to break down walls and ceilings. You always want to enlist the services of a licensed central air conditioning contractor who has experience working and installing central air conditioners in older homes.

Why The Right Size Matters

Choosing a central air conditioner unit that is the right size for your square footage is easy, and yet this is one of the more common mistakes consumers make. An oversized central AC will cycle off and on too frequently, not allowing the unit to run a full cycle.

This will overextend your air conditioner, and it will eventually fail. It's easy to calculate right AC size by multiplying the home's square footage by 25, dividing that by 12,000 and then subtracting .05. What you get is the correct AC size for your home in tonnage.

Always hire a certified central air conditioner contractor who can determine the right size AC for your older home and install it without making mistakes. In addition, the following criteria should also be considered:

  • What is the square footage of the space?
  • How old is the home?
  • Will you need to add ductwork?
  • How many windows are in the home?
  • Is the home well insulated?
  • Repair door jams, old windows that allow drafts inside.

Who Needs Ductwork?

“noducts”You may be reluctant to install new ductwork in your older home for fear that it will take away from the home's old-world character.

Adding ductwork to any home requires breaking walls and ceilings, which is something most owners of older homes do not want to do.

The good news is that it is very possible to have central AC in an older home without adding ductwork by installing a ductless HVAC system instead.

Ductless HVAC systems, also known as mini-split systems, do not require standard ductwork and can distribute cool air through tiny ducts that are inserted into the walls and ceilings. There is no mess, and no demolition is required.

What Will it Cost?

“averagecost”You can expect to pay anywhere around $3,500 to $4,000 for a central air conditioner installation in an older home.

This modern amenity will increase your property value and give you cooling relief when temperatures rise. These reasons alone are why every homeowner should consider installing a central air conditioning system.

Always hire a quality central air conditioner contractor, like Elite Electric & Air in Port St. Lucie, FL to discuss the cooling needs for your older home. This way you know it will be done correctly and without making mistakes.



Follow This Guide and use Your HVAC to Unlock a Good Night’s Sleep

Follow This Guide and use Your HVAC to Unlock a Good Night’s Sleep


When you are tossing and turning at night, and you can’t sleep, it may seem like finding a good night’s sleep is impossible. It’s actually within reach. All you need to do is adopt good sleep habits to create a positive sleep environment.

Believe it or not, this begins with your HVAC unit and the appropriate settings. We’ve put together a guide for you on how to unlock the mystery of a good night’s sleep with your HVAC settings.

Use Your Fans

fanFans aren’t just useful to keep you cool on a hot in Port St. Lucie, FL; they actually can be an important sleep aid.

Have you ever woken up sweating in the middle of the night? You can turn the air conditioning down further, but that might make you too cool.

Running the fan while you are sleeping keep you comfortable because the air will be circulating and keeping you cool. Additionally, the white noise from your fan is just the trick that you may need to fall asleep.

Setting the Ideal Temperature

Best TemperatureWhat do you need most to fall asleep and stay asleep? A cool room. Namely, you need a cool room that is between 60°F and 67°F.

When you are sleeping, your body temperature naturally drops. You need the environment that you are sleeping in to follow a similar course.

In fact, when you reach your deepest sleep (REM sleep), your body actually turns to your environment temperature to regulate itself, which is why a cool room is so important for sleep.

Make this happen more easily by setting your programmable thermostat. Your home’s temperature will automatically be perfect for your sleep every night. It’s also a good idea to use zone heating, especially if you work shift work, or if you prefer the rest of your home to be a little warmer.

Make Sure the Humidity is Balanced

humidityWhen the humidity in your home is too low, you get dry, itchy skin. The temptation is to crank up the humidity levels, but that can create another set of problems.

When humidity is high in your home, allergens and mold proliferate. These can aggravate asthma and allergies, which can definitely interrupt your sleep.

If you don’t have a humidifier, get on installed that does your whole home. Keep it at between 50 and 60 percent

Getting good sleep isn’t a mystery. It’s all about taking advantage of the tools at your disposal.