Why Does it Smell Burnt When I Turn on The Heater?

Why Does it Smell Burnt When I Turn on The Heater?


It’s the third time, it’s now getting really frustrating, but you can’t risk freezing overnight! Yes, we know, understand, and have been there as well. Smelling the strong fumes coming out of the heater.

Some people even find it more understandable if it’s a furnace, but your heater? The central HVAC you were told to be perfect?! Why?!

Bad Maintenance

Sometimes, homeowners don’t know, don’t care, or don’t even try to keep their HVAC system working. It is a task, but just like any other part of your home, the heating system needs taking care of as well.

Often taken for granted, the utilities and systems in our homes, which take care of us, need to be taken care of as well. Upkeeping filters, duct cleanings, and even inspections is a surefire way to make sure your heater doesn’t smell burnt.

Having bad maintenance also means that you are neglecting what is keeping you at a perfect temperature. This hardworking machine, alone, compiling dust… dust that after given enough time, will settle and create a layer.

If this is your case, then there is no wonder that it smells of burnt. Turning on the heat burns off the dust and starts emitting the odor throughout your entire home.

Why is This Here!?

Certain objects seem to find their way up the wrong alleys oftentimes. And unfortunately, they can get stuck in your home’s ductwork, overheating, and thus creating this smoke-like nightmare.

This can be taken care of simply having a wary eye. In most cases, these can be toys, food, paper or just anything that is lightweight enough to get sucked in. Make sure to keep your house clean, organized and free of random trash close to your vent’s opening.

Let's Get Serious

Unfortunately, these smells can be stirred by very dangerous and serious problems within your unit. There could be a leak which is making a wire burn. There could be a shock within the system. These are so many possible problems when it comes to electricity, that if you are thinking it might be a possibility, don’t even think about it and call us now.

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