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The Ultimate Cheats For Concealing Your Electrical Panel

The Ultimate Cheats For Concealing Your Electrical Panel

Unfortunately, some contractors don’t have the best discretion when choosing where to place an electrical panel, and sometimes it ends up being placed in a high-traffic or highly visible area.

This means that you may have an eyesore staring back at you when trying to relax in your favorite room or while doing daily chores. Understandably, you may wish to move it, but that could be a costly project.

The next best option is to conceal it. This might take a little creativity, but it is possible and you might even be glad the panel is there after trying these methods.

Using Decorative Wallpaper

This is a little more complicated than it sounds, but it is well worth it! Wallpapering over your electrical panel has to be done carefully because at some point or another you WILL need access to it.

If you just cover it up with some pretty paper, you’ll be kicking yourself when an emergency strikes. So, the easiest way to do this would be to find a thin board or piece of wood. Cut the wood to exactly cover your electrical panel and cover it with your chosen wallpaper.

Flip the board or wood (or whatever you’re using) over and apply heavy-duty magnets near the corners. Allow your paper to dry or set (depending on what was used) and place the covering over the panel.

Make Sure to Hide Cables Safely

Before we go too much further, let’s talk safety! The thing about cable wires is that they’re there for a reason. Cable wires are hardly what most people would call attractive and your first thought might be to bend them, twist them, and otherwise get them out of the way.

Please don’t do this. Call an electrician to help hide them. Cables carry an electrical current that can cause fires if not handled properly. Hiding your panel does no good if the cables attached to it burn your house down.

Single Cabinets are a Great Hack!

This hack might require a bit more hardware but it is definitely worth it! You can either opt to purchase and install a faux cabinet that just covers the electrical panel, or you can choose to install a fully-functional cabinet.

Most people prefer just the faux cabinet because it takes up less space and covers the electrical panel beautifully. While a functional cabinet can be used to store items, again, you’ll run into having to remove them in the event of an emergency.

Finally, for the Hardware Challenged…

Okay, so these tips are great for people that like DIY projects, but these probably aren’t the best idea for busy parents or hardware challenged people.

With this said, there are two options… the first one being that you can accept the electrical panel where it is and make the most of it, or you can go with the second option and call a professional.

Elite Electrical and Air has a full staff of professional electricians with the skills needed to easily relocate your electrical panel for a stress-free experience!

If covering your electrical panel in magnets doesn’t really appeal to you, consider calling Elite Electrical and Air at 722-905-3572 for reliable services today!