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Get a Grip on Your Emotions With Color Light Therapy

Get a Grip on Your Emotions With Color Light Therapy

If you've been contemplating a lighting upgrade for your home, you should consider incorporating color light therapy into your home's lighting system. Chromotherapy is the science of combining light and color to balance body vibrations to frequencies, resulting in physical and emotional healing and harmony.

We already know how important sunlight is for our health. Sunlight consists of a color spectrum. When any of those colors are not in alignment, we can experience physical and emotional distress. Color light therapy balances your body with all the lights of the rainbow.

Healers and other alternative medicine practitioners have been using light and color for thousands of years. It has roots in Indian medicine and early Egyptian culture and traditional Chinese healing. This blog talks about color light therapy, also known as chromatherapy, and how it can improve your quality of life.

Chromatherapy at Home

“upgradedimmer”Color light therapy is already used by medical practitioners and hospitals to heal emotions and physical pain.

Imagine if you could have color light therapy in your own home. Want to light up your bath water with an innovative chemotherapeutic tub? Check.

Want to soothe aches and muscle stiffness away? Check. A built-in color light system can turn an ordinary bath into a soothing spa therapy at home. Check.

Colors arouse emotion and restore balance. Each has a unique vibration, with frequencies that can mold and shape our emotions and how we feel inside. Here are some of the more common colors used in color light therapy:

  • Green - calming, provides calmness and enhances sleep.
  • Orange - soothes tiredness and lifts depression.
  • Yellow - energy, stimulates enthusiasm, improves muscle tone.
  • Red - elevates blood pressure and increases the breathing rate.
  • Magenta - boosts vitality and energy.
  • Blue - tranquillity, produces a feeling of peace and reduces muscle tension.
  • Indigo - encourages inspiration and creativity.
  • Purple - activates your imagination.

How Biophotonic RED Light Regenerates Cell Growth

Biophotonic RED Light is a type of light technology that uses red light therapeutically. Biophotonic RED light boosts blood circulation and decreases joint and muscle pain.

“red”Red light therapy has many healing benefits, including:

  • Stimulates stem cell growth.
  • Regenerates new skin and blood cells.
  • Alleviates arthritis and inflammation.
  • Accelerates cell immune response.

Biophotonic BLUE Light And Depression

“blue”Just like natural sunlight, Biophotonic BLUE light therapy lifts your mood, eases anxiety and reduces weight gain due to the dark days of winter.

Blue light therapy restores the melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain and is used to treat symptoms of clinical depression.

Blue light therapy is becoming more popular in the medical field because of its many uses and benefits:

  • Used as a sleep aid.
  • Can prevent certain types of cancer.
  • Used in hospitals to treat newborns with jaundice.
  • Effective in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to lack of sunshine.

Lighting Upgrade For Health And Harmony

“smilegirl”You don’t have to go to the hospital or see a specialist to receive color light therapy. Thanks to today’s high technology, you can have color light therapy right at home.

All it takes is a lighting upgrade. Color light therapy inside the home will keep your mind and body balanced and rejuvenated.

Call the experts at Elite Electric & Air in Port St. Lucie, FL can help set up a color light system in your home for your chromotherapy sessions. Call us today at 772-905-3527 for all your lighting, plumbing and other electrical needs in Port St. Lucie.