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Hang the Holiday Lights Early!

Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety  

It’s time to celebrate! The holidays are a time of peace and joy, so many homeowners are getting started early with the festivities. The holidays begin with homeowners putting up large amounts of Christmas decorations, and all that takes is some time, so everyone needs an early start. 

Getting ready for the holidays with indoor decorations and Christmas yard decor is fun, but it also needs to be done safely. Every year, decorating accidents happen that cause damage to homes or injuries. Take some advice from local electricians and ensure the holidays stay fun and safe. 

Choosing the Right Kind of Lights and Decorations 

lightsMaking the home visible from a jetliner has never been more fun. With advances in lighting and manufacturing, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting and outdoor Christmas decorations. It all starts with selecting the proper lighting for every place in the yard. Some of the best festive options are:

  • Icicle lights to hang from the eaves on the porch
  • Meteor lights to accent trees
  • LED C9 strands to border rooflines
  • Net lighting to decorate shrubs and evergreens

After the lighting is done, there are still options to fill the space with a beautiful winter wonderland. Look into options like:

  • Christmas inflatables 
  • Lighted reindeer
  • Light-up figures like Santa 

Stay Safe While Preparing for the Holidays 

safetyBefore everyone gets too carried away with decorating, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The demand for that much power can cause troubles for the electrical system in the house that could result in an outage or, worse, a fire. Planning can help prevent these hazards and allow for peace of mind. To maximize electrical safety, remember tips like:

  • Divide electrical loads between different circuits
  • Keep extension cord use to a minimum
  • Don’t overload outlets
  • Only use UL-rated electronics
  • Only use outdoor-rated decorations for outdoor conditions 
  • Use  timers to make turning decorations off easier 

Observing these simple electrical safety rules lets homeowners enjoy a delightful and accident-free holiday. 

Stay Green This Holiday Season 

One of the critiques of Christmas by naysayers is that its decorations are wasteful. In response, manufacturers have a complete line of more environmentally friendly options. To stay green during the holidays, try alternatives like:

These options use less power, saving energy and money over the season. As a bonus, solar Christmas lights and battery-operated Christmas lights allow for lighting options far away from outlets, so decorating possibilities are endless. 

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