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Is a Broken AC Haunting the House?

Broken Air Conditioner or Haunted House?

Strange noises can make it seem like the house is haunted! However, a sudden icy chill and unusual sounds are more likely from a malfunctioning air conditioner than a ghost. In this blog post, heating and AC experts discuss the warning signs of a broken air conditioner that homeowners may mistake for a ghost this Halloween.

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can lead to a sudden spike in utility bills and even be a safety hazard. Homeowners should call a trusted local heating and air conditioning company for maintenance and repairs as soon as they notice the signs of a problem. Fixing small problems early before they worsen helps save homeowners money on repairs in the long run. 

Air Conditioning System Makes Loud Sounds

soundsIt’s normal for the air conditioner to make a low humming noise while running. However, unusual sounds or loud noises from the AC indicate it’s having trouble. Homeowners may be able to identify the potential problem based on what type of sound the air conditioner is making. 

Air conditioner compressors may rattle and bang around towards the end of the AC’s lifespan. Tightening the loose parts can help stop rattling noises, but eventually, the air conditioner will need to be replaced.  When the fan inside the air conditioner malfunctions, it can often make an unpleasant, high-pitched screeching sound. 

An air conditioner’s performance can get louder if the inside is dirty from the build-up of dust and debris. Changing the air filter on time and having the AC coils cleaned regularly as a part of routine maintenance can help keep the air conditioner running quietly. During maintenance appointments, the technician will tighten loose parts and clean the inside of the AC. 

The Thermostat Doesn’t Work

thermostatThe thermostat controls the overall function of the heating and cooling system. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause uneven cooling, increase system wear and tear, and drive up utility bills. Homeowners should ensure that their thermostat always has fresh batteries and consider upgrading old thermostats if it isn’t working properly. 

The thermostat must be able to read temperature correctly to do its job. When it can’t read the temperature, it can cause the system to short cycle and turn off and on too quickly. It’s not a ghost turning the AC off and on frequently. It’s likely a faulty thermostat. 

Homeowners can verify their thermostat is accurate by placing an accurate thermometer next to it and comparing the results. Resetting the thermostat by taking out the batteries and putting them back in can help give the system a hard reset if it malfunctions.  

Upgrading to a new smart thermostat after the old one fails can help homeowners optimize their heating and cooling systems to save on energy bills. Smart thermostats learn the home's environment and adjust automatically to keep the temperature perfect without wasting energy. Homeowners can also monitor their smart thermostats remotely from a smartphone app. 

Uneven Cooling Throughout Home 

Cold drafts throughout the home may also be from a malfunctioning AC instead of a ghost this Halloween. Uneven cooling is a warning sign of a faulty air conditioning system but can also be caused by neglecting maintenance. 

Changing the home’s air filters at least every three months can help to prevent uneven cooling. Homeowners should also be sure to keep all vents uncovered. Blocking off a vent can cause uneven pressure throughout the HVAC system. Setting the thermostat to “on” instead of “auto” can help promote even cooling because the fan circulates the air continuously. 

Malfunctioning blowers, air handlers, and other essential parts within the air conditioner can also create problems with air distribution throughout the home. A professional AC technician can assess the situation and recommend solutions. Depending on the air conditioner's age, it may be wise to replace an old model with a new, more efficient air conditioner rather than do costly repairs. 

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