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Modern Systems of Air Conditioning

Choosing Between Traditional Central Air Conditioning Or Ductless Mini-Splits

Air conditioning is a modern marvel. There is really no way to overstate how the invention has changed and improved the lives of millions of people. What started as a machine to reduce humidity in a paper warehouse has completely changed how the average person lives and works.

From air conditioning window units to modern HVAC, many options are available for the home and business owners of this day and age. This article will present the benefits of the two most popular choices in whole-home cooling: central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits.

The Advantages of Central AC

central ACCentral air is what most people are familiar with when discussing whole-home cooling. It involves having one or two large outdoor cooling units connected to the various rooms in a house via a system of ducts and vents. This type of system is often incorporated into newly built homes. Some reasons to choose a central air conditioning system are:

  • Central AC is still the best way to cool large homes consistently.
  • Many options for the size of AC unit, depending on the household's needs.
  • Installation or replacement is straightforward if ducts are already installed.
  • Indoor air quality options such as HEPA filters, UV filters, and air scrubbers can be incorporated into the existing system.

The Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

ductless mini-splitThe ductless air conditioner is a recent technological development using the highly efficient heat pump as the cooling system. Instead of being attached to ducts, the heat pump is connected to multiple “heads” in various parts of the house via copper tubing. The coolant in this copper tubing absorbs the heat in the house and releases it via compression in the heat pump. While the system is very efficient, it may take more than one unit to cool a home with a lot of square footage. The main benefits of installing a ductless mini-split system include:

  • Efficiency: The heat pump makes this a very efficient system. It also does not have to use the energy a traditional central AC system uses to blow the cool air through the ducts. No ducts mean less energy use.
  • Temperature Zones: One of the main selling points of ductless is the ability to have different temperature zones in different parts of the house. This means that different parts of the home can be set at different temperatures. This facilitates the personal preference of household members but also promotes efficiency, so a homeowner is not wasting precious energy on parts of the home that are rarely used.
  • Retro-Fitting: Ductless is an excellent option for older homes that do not have ductwork. This system works well in spaces that do not have room for ducts.

Alternatives and Complements to Whole House AC

Perhaps a homeowner isn’t looking to completely overhaul their existing air conditioning system. Maybe they are looking for a more targeted approach to a problem area in a home. This is the perfect job for a window AC unit or a portable air conditioner.

The window air conditioner is perfect for an upstairs bedroom or attic game room space that gets hotter than the rest of the home. The portable AC unit is great for a shop or garage area that needs cooling.

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