3 Easily Avoided and Common AC Issues

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by These Preventable AC Issues!

The most common AC issues can spring up at any time. And in most warmer locations, where AC units get much more use than other parts of the country, it’s especially important that homeowners stay alert to common issues. The fact is that the common problems in this article can be prevented easily in one way or another. And an ounce of prevention, in this case, is really worth a pound of cure. 

In fact, a more accurate comparison would be one dollar of prevention is worth one hundred dollars of cure. So read on to learn how to avoid 3 common household AC issues. 

Blocked Airflow

Low or no airflow is one of the most common issues homeowners face. And it’s also the most frustrating. It’s easy to hear the AC unit running, but there seems to be little to no airflow in the house. And without airflow, there’s no way the home is going to cool down. This can make things incredibly uncomfortable. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to fix this, and it’s even easier to prevent. 

The most common causes of blocked airflow include a clogged or overused air filter and a frozen condenser coil. In fact, these two problems are often linked. So the first thing homeowners should do is check their air filter. If they can’t see light through the air filter, it’s definitely time to change it for a new one. If the condenser coil has frozen, it’s best to turn on the fan only, which can help the ice on the condenser coil melt. The best way to prevent this from happening is to change the air filter regularly. 

Refrigerant Leaksrefrigerant

It can be hard to know if an air conditioner is experiencing a refrigerant leak, but it’s not impossible. Several signs can alert homeowners to a refrigerant leak. These include long cooling cycles, humid air in the home, and not enough cold air coming out of the vents. Another sign is a sweet scent near the unit.

If the refrigerant is leaking, the air conditioner won’t be able to transfer heat outside the home, which is essential for the proper function of the unit. The best way to prevent this issue is to have a professional perform regular HVAC maintenance on the system. 

No Electricity to the Unithvac unit

Sometimes the air conditioner will lose electricity. Obviously, this will keep the unit from working, which can cause the temperature in the house to get hot quickly. Luckily, the most common cause of this is a tripped breaker. Checking the breaker box is the best thing to do in this case. If the breaker continues to trip, it’s best to call a professional, as this means something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

Overall, the best way to prevent any HVAC issue is to schedule regular maintenance performed by a professional HVAC company. Twice a year is adequate for most systems. Many HVAC companies offer service memberships that can take all the guesswork out of the homeowners' hands and ensure that the HVAC system is in good hands. 

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Time To Go Back to School With Electrical 101

Learning Electrical System Basics

The end of summer is nearing, which means many kids, teenagers, and college students around the country are heading back to school. And what better time to celebrate the return to school than having a personalized mini-class on the basics of electrical systems! Sure, it might sound a bit dry, but having a thorough understanding of Electrical 101 can be a huge help down the road.

Homeowners and their families should learn about the primary components of their electrical systems, how they function, and things to watch out for. They should also understand why hiring professionals is always the way to go when it comes to caring for their electrical systems. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Wiring and Outlets


Let’s begin with a simple overview of wiring and outlets, as these are some of the most important components of home electrical systems. Electrical wiring involves cabling that connects with various devices like sockets, switches, distribution boards, and more. Electrical outlets are openings that connect to a power source via these wires.

There are typically extensive wires and outlets that run throughout the home, as many things depend on electricity (just think of how many lights can be found in a single room!). The electrical wiring and outlets may require various professional services, such as installation, faulty wiring, physical damage to any part of the electrical system, and more.

Outdoor Wiring and Lighting

Outdoor wiring and lighting are particularly important to understand, as outdoor parts of the system can be very different from indoor parts. At a base level, the types of lights used outdoors must be able to withstand temperature changes that many indoor lights do not need. After all, the temperature swings indoors are usually just a few degrees, compared to dozens of degrees outdoors!

In addition, there are electrical services catered specifically toward outdoor needs, such as services for outdoor lighting, pool wiring, and more. Outdoor electrical work generally has more variability. For example, the wiring in a pool needs to be such that there is no risk of electrocution since water is highly conductive. While homeowners can try to do outdoor lighting work on their own (or indoors too, for that matter), it is always best to seek professional help.

Be Sure To Hire a Professional

electricianAt the end of the day, electrical work should always be taken care of by an experienced, trained professional. Amateur electrical work is extremely dangerous, and it can be potentially lethal as well, depending on the situation. Electrocution is a significant danger that can occur if the electrical system is not handled properly.

Even if someone does not get electrocuted, amateur work can result in faulty wiring and other rookie mistakes that could prove hazardous to the entire home and everyone inside. Hiring professionals is smart, as many have years or even decades of experience in responsibly, efficiently, and safely handling home electrical systems.

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A Quick Guide to Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Backyard Cookouts

Get the Backyard Ready for Summer Activities

Warmer temperatures put people in the mood for socializing. That’s why summer is always known for outdoor dinner parties or a BBQ and drinks on the patio. As the heat of summer rolls in, warm evenings are perfect for enjoying outdoor entertainment spaces. Still, as darkness falls on a summer night, lighting can be an important element in creating the perfect atmosphere. 

For homes with an outdoor area to entertain guests, like a patio or covered porch, lighting is often overlooked as a design detail. Luckily, changing or adding lights to an outdoor space can be easy, and the results can be dramatic. Homeowners can follow these tips from local outdoor lighting specialists to help them design their outdoor spaces for the perfect ambiance for summer fun. 

Flood Lights for Practical Lighting

floodlightsThe first step to planning the perfect outdoor space is to get a vision for what activities will happen there. While mood and ambiance may be the goal for some, there must be adequate lighting for any activity from a purely practical standpoint. When having light is more important than setting a certain tone, floodlights are always a popular choice. New LED floodlights can provide plenty of light at just the right price. Outdoor floodlights are weather resistant and will probably never need new bulbs, so they can always be a reliable source of light. 

By electrical codes, one must light every exterior door. This is a good place to start upgrading to floodlights. Chances are that a nearby exterior door will access every outdoor space. By upgrading current lights, homeowners can start to make sure plenty of light is available. After these fixtures are changed, electricians can add even more LED fixtures to spotlight any area where more light is needed. 

Enhance Landscaping With Landscape Lights

Any outdoor space where a homeowner would entertain will certainly have some form of landscaping. Whether it is to enhance curb appeal or add mood lighting to an outdoor gathering, landscape lighting is the perfect option. While landscape lighting isn’t intended to fully illuminate outdoor spaces, it can highlight certain features in the overall landscape design. Additionally, by adding soft and warm light to landscaping, outdoor spaces will feel more in tune with nature and more inviting. 

Set the Mood With String Lights

hang string lightsFor homeowners looking for the perfect union of practicality and style, string lights are the perfect option. String lights have become so popular that almost no patio or outdoor space is complete without them. String lights are prized because they are so versatile from a design standpoint, and they can be implemented to adequately light a space or make it intimate and inviting. 

Electricians can install string lights in no time. In the case of additions to outdoor spaces, new circuitry may need to be added to accommodate the new lighting, but that is easily accomplished. Once the circuitry is in place, one can quickly add string lights to make any outdoor environment inviting and practical. 

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The Coolest Gift for Cool Dads This Father's Day!

This Father’s Day, Give Dad the Great Gift of AC

Dads are a special breed. They’re all unique, but they all also have some defining traits. And many dads out there would surely love a new AC for Father’s Day. Anyone who has ever heard their dad talking about cooling the great outdoors or grumbling about someone touching the thermometer knows just how important a well-functioning AC is to their dad. And there’s no better time than Father’s Day to give one. Summer’s getting starting, and things are heating up, so keep dad cool with a new AC.

Keep Everyone Healthy


One defining feature of dads is they care about the well-being of the family. They want everyone to be healthy, and they’ll bend over backward to make sure this happens. This is one reason why dads will love a new AC system for Father’s Day. 

Installing a new AC system and maintaining it properly is a great way to keep the home’s air clean and healthy. Not only do old AC systems build up dust and grime, but they tend to struggle to keep air moving throughout the house. And when this happens, there are certain pockets of the home where the air gets stale and allows a buildup of airborne pollutants. A new AC that’s the correct size for the home can correct this and prevent breathing problems or asthma from cropping up. 

Cool Temps Makes for Better Sleep and Higher Productivity

sleeping Another great reason to get a new AC for dad is that it will help the home stay cool. This isn’t only important for the comfort of those inside the house, but it can also help with productivity. And no one likes being productive more than dads do! Steady cooler temperatures in the home can help keep people alert and focused. 

Cool temps also make for better sleep, according to scientists. This is because when humans go to sleep, their body temperatures drop slightly. It has to do with one’s circadian rhythm, and scientists aren’t exactly sure why cooler temperatures make for more restful sleep, but studies show that they do. The ideal temperature seems to be right around 65-degrees for a restful night’s sleep.  

Energy-Efficient Models Save Money

Perhaps the best reason of all to get dad a new AC for Father’s Day has to do with saving money. There’s something about saving money on utilities that gets right to the heart of things. And a new AC can do just that. Today’s energy-efficient models are far and away better than older models in many homes. As they become more efficient, they help save money on utilities, which everyone can get behind. For those environmentally-conscious dads, these units also help reduce one’s carbon footprint. 

Those looking to get dad a new AC this year should consult a professional AC company. An experienced technician can make sure the AC is the right size for the home, which is absolutely essential for a well-functioning AC system. 

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Elite Electric & Air has been serving Port St. Lucie for over 30 years! Their technicians are consummate professionals who always leave homes better than they found them. They back up all their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and always provide up-front pricing. Contact Elite Electric & Air today to learn more about AC installation service in Port St. Lucie.

It's May Which Means It's Electrical Safety Month!

Different Ways To Practice Electrical Safety This Month and Always!

Electricity has come to be one of the standard systems inside every modern home. At the beginning of its time, people had electricity installed into their homes but were still too afraid to use it, so they would still rely on candles! Today, society has grown so accustomed to it that it’s easier to forget just how dangerous electrical systems can be. That’s why there is an entire month dedicated to electrical safety! It is crucial that homeowners are especially aware of how to maintain an electrically safe home in today’s world. There are different devices and protection that can be installed into the home. Homeowners should also be aware of several warning signs that could spell out danger. 

The Different Electrical Safety Devices 

There are four standard electrical safety devices that should be installed in every home today. 

These four devices include: 

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Fuses
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

All of these devices work in different areas of the home to prevent an electrical overload. Overload can happen in the event of a power outage or if too many things are plugged in at once. If it weren’t for electrical safety devices such as these, homeowners would have to be ten times more cautious and aware of what electronics they use, how many they use at once, and even when a storm is expected! 

Common Warning Signs of An Overloaded Electrical System

overloadedThe main warning sign that an electrical system is overloaded is when a fuse pops. This is the universal sign that the system is overloaded with too many electronics plugged in at once and pulling too much energy from the electrical panel. That said, there are other signs as well. 

Common warning signs of an overloaded electrical system include: 

  • Fuses and circuit breakers that are tripped often
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Crackling or buzzing receptacles 
  • The wall is hot around the receptacles
  • A burning smell coming from the receptacles

Another common sign is when homeowners turn off an appliance or light switch and feel a mild shock. 

Information On Surge Protection and Why it’s Important


Another critical electrical safety tip is to have surge protectors in the home. Surge protectors allow homeowners to plug in multiple things at once without overloading a receptacle or the system itself. They work by alternating the current circuits to prevent voltage spikes that cause problems. 

The main benefit of surge protectors and why they are so important is because they protect devices from surprise peaks in electricity. These power surges can damage devices and appliances, but with a surge protector, this doesn’t happen.  

Elite Electric & Air Keeps Their Customers Safe

When it comes to electricity, there is no time to mess around. The Port St. Lucie electrical professionals at Elite Electric & Air work 24/7 to provide excellent, efficient, and safe service for their customers. They’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years, so homeowners can trust that they will get the job done right no matter what. It’s time to call today!

Here Are Three Ways Homeowners Can Celebrate Earth Day!

The Best Eco-Friendly Practices Anyone Can Do!

Spring is the time of year that everyone comes out of hiding and gets all of their deep cleaning done. It’s also the time of year that people tend to do home improvement projects and plan for the warm season ahead. More and more homeowners seem to be catching on to the different ways they can make their homes more eco-friendly. 

It doesn’t have to cost a large sum of money to have an eco-friendly home in today’s world. In fact, there are plenty of eco-friendly options that cost little to no money at all. Below are three ways homeowners can make their homes a little more eco-friendly this Earth Day. 

Open the Windows

Opening the windows is a great and eco-friendly option to conserve energy during the spring. It doesn’t cost any extra money and actually saves the homeowner money on their monthly energy costs, and reduces stress on the HVAC system. Spring is the time of year when the air conditioning system isn’t necessarily needed just yet. So, homeowners can get away with leaving the windows open longer. 

Doing so also helps to circulate the airflow and reduce allergens in the home, which increases the air quality as well. When the air in the house is stale, it becomes a playground for illness. 

That said, not only does opening the windows help to conserve energy, but it has numerous other benefits, including: 

  • Saving money
  • Saving the HVAC system
  • Reducing allergy symptoms

Investing in Indoor Plants

Believe it or not, investing in live indoor plants is a great option to help create a more eco-friendly home. Plants do a fantastic job of circulating airflow and refreshing the home.

plants Some plants work better than others. Eucalyptus is an excellent example of this. It is recommended that homeowners place a sprig of like eucalyptus in their bathroom or hang it from their showerhead. The plant is steam activated and releases cleansing particles into the air that removes any contaminants and cleans the air. It also helps to refresh the sinuses of the person taking a shower. The best part is that the plant continues to do this every time it is around steam for the entirety of its life. 

Nearly every houseplant has its own benefits for cleansing the indoor air, but eucalyptus is a great place to start. 

Regular Maintenance and Filter Replacements 

air filter Many homeowners choose to neglect their home’s HVAC system of regular maintenance because they feel it is a waste of money. However, investing in regular maintenance is far less expensive than what it costs to repair the HVAC and any damages it causes when it breaks down. Not to mention that a regularly maintained system lasts longer and has fewer breakdowns. 

One thing that homeowners can do on their own to maintain their AC system remembers to change the air filter at least once every three months. A clogged air filter is usually the culprit for a home that has poor air quality. If the homeowner calls in a professional, the first place they look is the air filter.

It can be hard to remember to change the air filter on time, so professionals recommend that homeowners set a calendar reminder on their phone every three months. That way, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about remembering! Their phone lets them know! 

Elite Electric & Air Keeps Families Efficient

Whether it’s eco-friendly advice, maintenance, repairs, or replacement, Port St. Lucie, FL homeowners count on the professionals at Elite Electric & Air to do it all. They’ve served the area for 30 years with no signs of stopping because they care about their community. They always look to give their customers the best service, which is why they have a 24-hour live chat directly on their website.

Keep Your Home Green This St. Patrick's Day To Avoid Getting Pinched!

3 Ways To Help Your Home Be More “Green”

No one likes getting pinched for not showing holiday spirit on St. Patrick’s Day. Luckily, the remedy is an easy one - just put on something green! But another great way to join the festive mood - and avoid the painful pinch - is to “go green” in another sense by implementing eco-friendly, energy-saving practices at home. After all, what could be greener than helping the environment? 

Read on to discover three simple ways to save energy (and money), even after St. Paddy’s Day has come and gone.

Utilize More Natural Light

woman at the window

Most homeowners have already made the switch from incandescent bulbs to more efficient LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. But even these can eat up a significant amount of energy when left on. Turning off the lights and using the natural light of the sun is a great way to cut down on needless energy usage.

Merely opening the shades and pulling the curtains back throughout the house can virtually eliminate the need for artificial lighting in the daytime. This works better in homes with plenty of windows, white walls, and wide-open spaces, but even naturally gloomy homes can be made brighter with a few tricks. Strategically placing a few mirrors in darker rooms and hallways and leaving room doors open can make a surprising difference.

Upgrade To Energy-Efficient Appliances

One of the most effective ways to make a home more green is to install more efficient appliances. High-efficiency dishwashers and washing machines can save the average household 6,000+ gallons of water per year and use as much as 25% less energy than standard models.

Upgrading to an energy-efficient refrigerator/freezer can potentially save another 10% of total energy consumption. High-efficiency HVAC heat pumps, water heaters, ceiling fans, and clothes dryers can also cut down on utility costs and consumption to varying degrees. The most efficient appliances bear the Energy Star label created by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, which certifies that the unit meets or exceeds federal energy regulations for eco-friendly equipment.

Unplug Devices That Aren’t Being Used


While green technology is improving rapidly for most large appliances, some devices still consume plenty of power - even when they’re not in use. “Standby power” or “Vampire energy” is electricity that is drawn from wall outlets by inactive electronic devices. 

Phone chargers, coffee machines, printers, surge protectors, and other small gadgets use relatively little standby power. The most prominent vampires are televisions, cable/satellite boxes, game consoles, sound systems, computers (desktop or laptop), and power tool charging docks.

The power lost may seem negligible at a glance, but the waste can add up pretty fast between the multitude of devices. Unplugging even the least-commonly used items or leaving things unplugged overnight can have a noticeable impact on the monthly utility bills and help reduce the home’s overall effect on the environment.

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How Does POTUS Stay Cool?

Strange Fun Facts About the History of Heating & Cooling in the White House

The White House of today may be a beacon of stately elegance and luxury, but it wasn’t always so - at least no by today’s standards. Since its completion over 200 years ago, the President’s House has gone through a multitude of renovations and technological advancements - and the HVAC system is a perfect example. Heating and cooling such an enormous building was a monumental task (and didn’t always work out), especially before the advent of central air conditioning - and a few presidents had some creative and interesting ways of coping.

Presidents Who Preferred to Work Outdoors


During Washington D.C.’s notoriously hot and muggy summers, the early presidents must have had a difficult time staying cool. Many even elected to conduct the country’s business from properties in surrounding states in the summertime. The first central air conditioner was installed in the West Wing in 1930 as part of a reconstruction project after a Christmas Eve fire the previous year. 

Before this, two presidents found another solution to the oppressive heat and humidity of the White House - working outdoors. After an electric fan and a block of ice failed to keep him cool, William Taft had a screened enclosure built on the White House roof. The space provided shade and a nice breeze - he even took to sleeping up there on occasion! Taft’s successor, Woodrow Wilson, moved his office into a large canvas tent out in the rose garden, complete with a desk, a telephone, and electric lighting.

Tricky Dick Nixon Kept Things Nippy!

A comprehensive and robust central cooling system was installed around 1952 as part of Harry Truman’s massive renovation project. Subsequent presidents would make great use of the new system for decades. Lyndon B. Johnson reportedly kept the family’s private quarters so cold that he slept with an electric blanket.

More famously, Richard Nixon liked to keep the thermostat cranked way down in the summer, making for a very chilly White House. Not everyone shared his affinity for the cold, however, and several fireplaces were kept running to help strike a balance. When word of this got out, in the summer of 1973, the Nixon administration faced some harsh criticism for the opulent use of resources - after all, the country was in the middle of an energy crisis!

Spread the Heat!

A form of central heating was first installed in the White House in 1840. The system, located in the basement, involved a brick-and-iron furnace with ducts running through the floors and walls of the rooms directly above. This system only provided heat to the large transverse hall and state parlors on the main floor.


President James Polk had the system expanded and upgraded in 1845 to provide heat to the second floor and several bedrooms and offices via plaster-lined ductwork. The ducts delivered air through heat registers made of solid silver, brass, or iron, depending on the room’s purpose and style. 

While numerous advancements were made in HVAC technology in the subsequent decades, a significant overhaul of this original system wouldn’t come until Truman’s reconstruction a century later.

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HVAC Systems Deserve New Year's Resolutions Too

Improving the AC system in the New Year 

AC systems provide the much-needed coolness in hot and humid environments. However, due to prolonged use, especially in hot months, these units may develop various problems. For this reason, homeowners should always consider their AC systems when drafting their New Year’s resolutions. A licensed HVAC technician can conduct an energy efficiency checkup in a home to check for energy loss areas. With this kind of information, a comprehensive audit can be done to determine the extent of the required upgrades. 

Regular Maintenance Is Important 


One thing about routine maintenance is that it prolongs the life of an AC system. Some units may even last longer than their projected shelf-life thanks to regular maintenance. It is always advisable for the best results to have the AC systems checked before the warm season begins. The same case applies for cold months; it is necessary to schedule routine maintenance before winter to avoid HVAC emergencies in harsh weather conditions. 

This approach also helps identify problems in advance and create a more precise framework for fixing them. The HVAC technician can easily generate an estimate for both the amount of money and time that would be needed to fix the problem, consequently reducing cooling costs and increasing efficiency. Better airflow, reduced humidity, and general comfort are some of the benefits of an efficient AC system. 

Replace Air Filter Regularly 

air filter

Because of their exposure to both clean and dirty air, air filters need to be replaced regularly. Experts recommend having these units checked every 90 days to ensure that they are in good condition. Clogged air filters require a lot of energy to circulate clean air, leading to higher energy bills. 

Maintaining a Constant Temperature 

An HVAC system works hardest when it is turned on. A sudden, significant reduction in temperature makes the unit work even harder to achieve the required temperature set by the user. In the process, certain components of the HVAC unit experience wear and tear.

Also, when the HVAC system’s temperature is inconsistent, it leads to higher energy bills because the unit has to work extra hard to meet the household’s demands. This explains why some homeowners usually set their thermostats to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid irregular heating and cooling patterns.

The cost-related benefits aside, here are some additional advantages of maintaining a constant temperature:

  • Prevents the expansion and contraction of hardwood floors due to irregular heat and cold 
  • Creates better sleep patterns as the human body adapts to a certain temperature
  • Improves overall mood 

Homeowners also need to keep in mind that it is not wrong to change the temperature when need be. It is, however, important to understand that this should not be done frequently and irregularly. 

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Based in Jupiter, FL, Elite Electric and Air have over 30 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. The award-winning company is always open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide top-quality HVAC services in the region and beyond. For help with AC maintenance in Jupiter, trust the experts at Elite Electric and Air!

Holiday Comforts Include Celebrating in a Comfortable Temperature

Follow These Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Comfortable Through the Season

The holidays are a time of simple enjoyment. Homeowners decorate their homes and make plans to invite family and friends over. One of the things that most people overlook during the holidays is the temperature of the environment that they are providing for their guests. A comfortable temperature and clean air are essential to setting the holiday mood. By following a few simple tips, homeowners can ensure that their home will be a comfortable place of enjoyment this holiday season. 

Upgrade Your Thermostat to a Smart Thermostat


Saving money is always important, but it is even more important during the holidays when budgets can be stretched thin. With the holidays come expenses like buying gifts for family and friends as well as hosting holiday parties. To save up before the holidays and reduce heating or cooling costs during the holidays, homeowners can install smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can be used to control the temperature in a home more accurately and save money by not heating or cooling when no one is home. Smart thermostats can be programmed not to run when a home is unoccupied and can even learn a family’s habits using special built-in motion sensors to track their comings and goings. 

Smart thermostats are controlled by Wi-Fi, enabling them to be controlled from anywhere via a smartphone app. This is convenient, especially during the holidays when families may go on vacation and forget to change the thermostat. A smart thermostat will often save enough money in the first few months of operation to cover the cost of installation. Installing one today can help homeowners start enjoying the savings right now. 

Keep Furnace Filters Clean

Keeping furnace and air conditioner filters clean is the most critical step to maintaining them. Dirty filters lower the performance of an air conditioner by impeding its airflow. This has the unfortunate effect of raising utility bills and decreasing the comfort of a home’s occupants. Dirty filters also allow harmful dust and allergens to build up inside the workings of a furnace or air conditioner that can cause premature failure, leading to expensive repair bills. 

air filter

Changing the filter on a regular basis will protect an air conditioner as well as improve the air quality within a home. The filter is designed to protect the machinery and keep clean air inside a home. For homes with people that suffer from allergies or other respiratory ailments, keeping clean filters can help keep the holidays more enjoyable for them. 

Keep Professionals on Call for Emergencies 

Having a professional relationship with an HVAC company can help homeowners get the most out of their central heating and air conditioning systems. A good HVAC contractor will handle service calls in a timely manner and make themselves available after hours for emergencies. Knowing who to call in case of an emergency can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the holidays. 

A good HVAC contractor will also have membership plans available. A membership plan can help maintain HVAC equipment by scheduling routine service several times a year. It may also entitle the member to discounts and priority service when repairs are needed. 

About Elite Electric & Air

Elite Electric & Air has been serving Jupiter homes and businesses since 1988. They strive for honesty and professionalism with every service call. Homeowners can take advantage of their partnership plan to help them maintain their equipment throughout the year, and they can also call 24-hours a day for emergency service if the need arises.