3 Safety Tips For Halloween Decorating

Halloween Decor Electrical Safety

An electrical fire is the wrong kind of scary for Halloween decorating! Halloween decorating with inflatables, lights, and electric yard decor can be fun and safe when done responsibly. Homeowners can use these three tips from electrical experts to practice good electrical safety when decorating for Halloween this year. 

Whether going all out for Halloween or just putting up a few simple decorations, homeowners should always take safety precautions to ensure their decorations are not an electrical hazard. Using the wrong type of electrical decorations outdoors can be a safety hazard because water and electricity do not mix well. Putting too much strain on the home’s electrical system can also cause dangerous power surges. 

Inspect Halloween Inflatables and Lights

inflatablesBefore plugging in any Halloween decorations, even if they are brand new from the store, homeowners should inspect them for any signs of damage. The decoration could be unexpectedly damaged in storage by rodents or water. Plugging in decorations with damaged cords could cause an accidental electrical shock. 

Homeowners should pay attention to signs of faulty wiring, such as sparks, a burning smell, or flickering lights coming from the decoration. Ignoring the warning signs of damaged electrical Halloween decorations could come back to haunt homeowners. Larger decorations that use more electricity should always be carefully inspected for safety before use. 

Be Strategic When Plugging In Halloween Decorations 

outletsHomeowners need to be strategic about where they plug in their Halloween decorations. Outlets and power strips should never be overloaded, and power strips should not be plugged into another power strip. Overloading can cause an electrical fire

Homeowners should also be careful about plugging in outdoor decorations. Yard decorations will be exposed to rain, wind, and other weather that could be hazardous if water reaches the electrical wiring. To avoid an electrical emergency, homeowners should only use yard decorations designed to be placed outdoors. 

Plugging yard decorations into the right kind of outlet is also essential for electrical safety. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical outlets are required outdoors and in rooms with water sources to protect residents from electrocution. Outdoor outlets need to be covered from the rain and kept free of debris. 

Surge Protectors

Overloading the electrical outlets by plugging in too many decorations can be a safety hazard. When too much electricity is in the home’s electrical system, the circuits can overheat and cause an electrical fire. The home’s breaker box will typically shut off power to the house to prevent a fire. 

Having too many electrical decorations plugged in at once can cause the breaker to flip. So how can homeowners safely go all out with Halloween decorations without causing a power surge? Using surge protectors to plug in Halloween decorations helps prevent electricity from overloading outlets. 

Homeowners can install whole-home surge protectors to protect their homes from power surges. There are also plug-in surge protectors that can be added to outlets. Homeowners should consult a trusted local electrician for personalized opinions on what type of outlets and surge protectors are the best for their home safety. 

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How to Get a Head Start on Holiday Decorating

Getting Ready for Putting up Christmas Lights 

Putting up holiday decorations is a fun way to celebrate the season, but it can also take a lot of time. Homeowners can get a head start on putting up their holiday decorations with the following tips from electrical experts. Using the right kind of lights, double-checking electrical components for safety, and replacing outdated decorations with safer, more eco-friendly ones are just a few ways homeowners can make their holiday decorating go smoothly this year. 

What Are the Best Holiday Lights?

There are many different types of holiday lights and electrical decorations to choose from for holiday decorating. LED lights are a popular new invention that offers a more energy-efficient option than traditional string lights. 

LED lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional lights, which keeps utility costs low and reduces environmental impact. They last longer and are less of a fire hazard because they do not reach high temperatures even when left on for a long time. Traditional incandescent bulbs can get hot after a while and spark if broken. 

LED lights also offer a wide range of color options and styles. The only downside is that they usually cost more than traditional lights. However, considering they save energy, it is a fair trade.  


Practice Electrical Safety

Practicing electrical safety when setting up Christmas lights and holiday decorations is essential to preventing accidental electrocutions, property damage, and fires. Potential risks of improperly installed or broken Christmas decorations include house fires, forest fires, electrocution, power system failure, and tripping over wires. 

To avoid electrical accidents, homeowners can take some safety precautions. Before plugging in any electrical decoration, the homeowner should carefully inspect it for signs of damage. 

Old or damaged electrical decorations should not be used. The larger the electrical decoration is, the more energy is used, so the more of a power hazard it may be. Any internal electrical components should be checked for damage. 

To prevent the fuse box from shorting and causing a power outage, homeowners should be aware of how much energy their decorations are using. Surge protectors should be used when more than one decoration is plugged into an outlet. The placement of the chords should also be well thought out to not be a tripping hazard. Water and electricity do not mix, so it is important to keep electrical decorations dry. 

How to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season eco

In addition to using LED lights instead of incandescent, homeowners can also do their part to be more green this year by incorporating solar power into their decorations. Solar-powered Christmas and holiday decorations charge during the day to light up all night. 

This Is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of their Christmas decorations and keep the energy bill low. Solar-powered holiday decorations may cost more than traditional, but the energy savings add up over time. 

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