3 Easily Avoided and Common AC Issues

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by These Preventable AC Issues!

The most common AC issues can spring up at any time. And in most warmer locations, where AC units get much more use than other parts of the country, it’s especially important that homeowners stay alert to common issues. The fact is that the common problems in this article can be prevented easily in one way or another. And an ounce of prevention, in this case, is really worth a pound of cure. 

In fact, a more accurate comparison would be one dollar of prevention is worth one hundred dollars of cure. So read on to learn how to avoid 3 common household AC issues. 

Blocked Airflow

Low or no airflow is one of the most common issues homeowners face. And it’s also the most frustrating. It’s easy to hear the AC unit running, but there seems to be little to no airflow in the house. And without airflow, there’s no way the home is going to cool down. This can make things incredibly uncomfortable. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to fix this, and it’s even easier to prevent. 

The most common causes of blocked airflow include a clogged or overused air filter and a frozen condenser coil. In fact, these two problems are often linked. So the first thing homeowners should do is check their air filter. If they can’t see light through the air filter, it’s definitely time to change it for a new one. If the condenser coil has frozen, it’s best to turn on the fan only, which can help the ice on the condenser coil melt. The best way to prevent this from happening is to change the air filter regularly. 

Refrigerant Leaksrefrigerant

It can be hard to know if an air conditioner is experiencing a refrigerant leak, but it’s not impossible. Several signs can alert homeowners to a refrigerant leak. These include long cooling cycles, humid air in the home, and not enough cold air coming out of the vents. Another sign is a sweet scent near the unit.

If the refrigerant is leaking, the air conditioner won’t be able to transfer heat outside the home, which is essential for the proper function of the unit. The best way to prevent this issue is to have a professional perform regular HVAC maintenance on the system. 

No Electricity to the Unithvac unit

Sometimes the air conditioner will lose electricity. Obviously, this will keep the unit from working, which can cause the temperature in the house to get hot quickly. Luckily, the most common cause of this is a tripped breaker. Checking the breaker box is the best thing to do in this case. If the breaker continues to trip, it’s best to call a professional, as this means something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

Overall, the best way to prevent any HVAC issue is to schedule regular maintenance performed by a professional HVAC company. Twice a year is adequate for most systems. Many HVAC companies offer service memberships that can take all the guesswork out of the homeowners' hands and ensure that the HVAC system is in good hands. 

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