Tips to maintain a comfortable temperature at home

A Comfy Home Is the Key To a Great Horror Movie Marathon

How To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Throughout the Entire Home

The popcorn is popped, the lights are off, the doors are locked. The finest hair-raising titles, in the perfect order, have been carefully selected. The greatest fright-fest movie marathon of all time is about to begin. But there’s still one thing that can reach out from the shadows and wreck the fun like a villain in a B-horror flick - the dreaded HVAC failure! Goosebumps (and hot sweats) should be a product of what’s on the screen, not the temperature in the living room.

Always Start With the Thermostat


Often, seemingly complex and mysterious problems with an HVAC system can actually be narrowed down to a relatively straightforward thermostat issue. This is why, if an air conditioner or heater isn’t working properly, it’s a good idea to investigate the thermostat first. The solution could be as simple as changing the batteries. Even if they don’t rely on batteries to function, most electric thermostats contain backup batteries that protect the settings and programming during a power loss. These should be checked regularly, as old batteries can corrode and leak, causing problems (and making a mess) inside the thermostat.

Older thermostats employ a mercury switch to toggle between modes. This is simply a small vial filled with mercury. If it isn’t completely level for any reason, it will cease to function correctly - and so will the unit. A torpedo level can be used to bring it back to its normal position.

The interior of a thermostat can also collect dust and grime over time, which may interfere with electrical components like the temperature sensor and switch contact points, which tell the unit what to do. These can be gently cleaned with an air duster or very soft brush. However, before removing the thermostat casing, replacing batteries, or attempting any cleaning, one should always consult the owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Change the Air Filter Often

A dirty air filter is another common and deceptively simple cause of major HVAC issues. A filter that has become saturated with dirt, dust, and other debris will severely impede the unit’s air intake ability. Airflow throughout the house will then suffer as a result. Consequently, the blower motor and the unit as a whole will work harder than normal to meet the demands of the thermostat. Even with the extra energy output (which will eventually damage the unit), heated or conditioned air will fail to be delivered throughout the house, especially to the rooms furthest from the unit.

HVAC filters are inexpensive and very easy to replace. Putting in a fresh filter every month or two is a great way to ensure strong airflow, conserve energy, and keep the HVAC unit healthy. It also greatly improves the quality of a home’s indoor air by reducing airborne pollutants.

Never Underestimate the Power of Routine Maintenance

To be sure, the above actions will go a long way to ensure an optimal comfort level and the smooth operation of a home’s HVAC system. But the best thing any homeowner can do for their unit and their peace of mind is to schedule regular maintenance with a reputable HVAC professional. They can perform essential cleaning and tune-up tasks, give expert advice, and ensure no monster problems creep up unseen.

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Even semi-annual visits can help keep a home comfortable through every season and every movie marathon.

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