Save Money Without Hampering Your Holiday Decor

Tips For Energy-Efficient Decorations

When people think of the holidays, decorations are likely one of the first things to come to mind. Festive lights, unique ornaments, and other decorative items can instantly put families into the holiday spirit. However, if a homeowner’s budget is already stretched thin due to travel expenses and gifts for loved ones, they may be left wondering how they’ll be able to afford all of it. 

Fortunately for homeowners on a tight budget this season, there are plenty of ways to save money when decorating a home. Keep reading to learn more about tips for keeping energy costs down while upping the cheer in the house this holiday season.

Switch to LED Lightsled lights

LED stands for a light-emitting diode. LED lights are energy-efficient decorations that save money in a few different ways. This type of light has a much longer lifespan than the typical incandescent holiday bulb, meaning it won’t have to be replaced as often. Also, compared to incandescent light bulbs, LED lights are up to 90% more energy efficient, saving homeowners money on powering them. By reducing electric bills and extending the number of hours Christmas lights work, homeowners have extra cash for the new year.

Instead of burning out at the end of their lifespan, LED Christmas lights fade over a series of hours. This is technically called lumen depreciation. Because they eventually stop working through gradual dimming, LED lights are also considered safer. This is especially true for outdoor Christmas decorations. The actual bulb surrounding the light does not heat up like an incandescent bulb, so the risk of a fire hazard is greatly reduced. 

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights Save Money

Rechargeable batteries can also save a significant amount of money around the holidays. Since one battery can be used multiple times, the same decor or light fixtures can be used repeatedly. Many holiday decorations also come in battery-operated form, allowing no extra charges to be added to the energy bills. 

Battery-operated Christmas lights are great for adding to decorations like wreaths and garlands, allowing for a seamless look with no plugs and wires going to an outlet. Many festive holiday inflatables are also battery-operated.

Opt for the Most Traditional Lights: Candles

candlesThe most traditional holiday lights are candles. They are an inexpensive way to add Christmas decorations that look classic and festive, adding nothing to energy bills. Holiday candles also come in various styles, colors, and scents. Popular scents around the holidays include pine, apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and candy cane.

While candles do not use any power, there are still precautions to take. Fire safety is a must, so homeowners should ensure they always have working smoke detectors. Lit candles on multiple window sills may look nice, but leaving a candle unattended is never recommended. Homeowners should also be sure not to put candles too close near flammable materials like curtains and other holiday decorations. 

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Three Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills

Spend Money on Christmas Presents––Not Utility Bills! 

During the holiday season, every penny counts. Eating in, using coupons, and staying home on Friday nights can only go so far. If homeowners are serious about saving money this holiday season, they should consider getting a programmable thermostat, changing air filters, and consulting a qualified HVAC technician for maintenance. 

Each of these measures does more than just save on electric bills; they also help homeowners get the most from their HVAC systems. With these simple steps, families can enjoy a more comfortable home without an expensive price tag. 

Get a Smart Thermostat 

thermostatMany manufacturers, like Nest and Honeywell, now specialize in “smart” technology. Instead of relying on an old dial mounted to a wall, one can get a wifi enabled thermostat. These devices give homeowners complete control over their home’s comfort and indoor air quality.

Using a smartphone app to control their smart thermostat, one can: 

  • Create heating and cooling schedules 
  • Predict their monthly energy bill 
  • Remotely turn the AC or heater on and off 
  • Identify problems with the system 
  • Reduce homeowner’s energy bills 
  • Compare their energy usage to previous months 

These devices are relatively cheap on today’s market, with some models starting at around $60, and they can help homeowners save money monthly on energy bills. 

Replace the Air Filters 

filterEnergyStar notes that most homeowners should change their HVAC unit’s air filter at least once every three months. Air filters basically let the HVAC unit “breathe” by allowing proper airflow while filtering out dog hair, dust, and other indoor air pollutants. Changing the air filters on time helps keep the unit working efficiently, saving homeowners money on electric bills. 

Signs that someone should change their air filters include: 

  • The unit overheats easily.
  • The system constantly turns on and off. 
  • The home never gets to the desired temperature. 
  • The home’s energy bills increase, despite no change in AC or heater usage. 
  • There is dust build-up around the home’s air vents. 
  • The season changes. 
  • More people (or pets) move into the house. 

Before air filter replacement, one needs to know the filter’s length, width, and height. That’s because not all units need the same size air filter. Larger systems generally require larger air filters than smaller units. 

Consult a Trained Professional 

Homeowners should schedule AC maintenance visits at least once a year and heater maintenance at least once yearly. A professional can assess the home’s HVAC system and prevent any problems from arising. During their inspection, a trained professional will:

  • Measure the refrigerant levels 
  • Check all motors and belts for tightness and wear 
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil 
  • Look for any leaks and then seal them 
  • Inspect the system’s electrical terminals 
  • Evaluate the system’s power source 
  • Insulate pipes or ducts 

HVAC systems can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on how well they’re maintained. Homeowners can give their HVAC system a longer life and better efficiency, leading to lower energy bills with routine maintenance. 

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Save Money with the Holiday Decorations This Year!

Consider Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorations This Year

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means many homeowners and their families will be bringing out the holiday decorations if they have not done so already! This also means it is the perfect time of the year to think about ways to save money, given that holiday decorations can make energy bills skyrocket.

One of the best ways to save money is by investing in energy-efficient holiday decorations this year! That’s right, this may not seem like a significant change, but there are many energy-efficient decorations that can save homeowners a considerable amount of money, especially considering that many families have their decorations out for weeks or even months! Continue reading to learn more.

Invest in LED Lights

One of the easiest ways to make holiday decorations more energy efficient is to substitute traditional lights with LED lights. These lights are a very eco-friendly way to still achieve the same lighting effect while saving homeowners a significant amount of money. The cost savings come from two features:

  • Greater efficiency - less energy is required to achieve the same lighting effect, so there is less energy exerted for the same amount of time spent lighting the decorations.
  • Longer lifespan - they last even longer, so this efficiency is extended for a long period of time, which extends the time that homeowners can enjoy their cost savings.

Both of these two things save homeowners a significant amount of money. And the great thing is that LED lights are widely available in many stores.

Choose Battery Operated Decorations

Another great way that homeowners can save money is by investing in battery-operated decorations. This one is probably less obvious so let’s take a look at why. The biggest reason battery-operated decorations are so beneficial is that they ultimately reduce the total amount of electricity used.

Instead of drawing the energy directly through electricity, the decorations utilize a battery, which uses less energy overall! Many decorations are battery-operated, and even if they are not, homeowners can probably find alternative versions that are indeed battery operated. They should just be sure to take adequate electrical safety precautions to ensure the batteries are fresh and functional.

Burn Candles - Old School Style!

candlesNow, the two prior sections above require some form of electrical understanding, perhaps even electrical services expertise depending on what homeowners are trying to do. However, there is one last option that will take homeowners and their families back in time: candles! That’s right, this might sound odd, but candles are one of the best ways to save money while still lighting up the home around the holidays.

Not only can these add a sophisticated and elegant touch to the look of the home, but they do not require any power at all, which means that aside from the cost of the candles and lighters, homeowners will not spend a penny more on their electrical bills! Just be sure to take precautions to ensure fire safety!

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Lightbulbs flickering

It's Time For You to Stop Throwing Away Money on Lightbulbs!

Are Your New Lightbulbs Flickering?

When it comes to the lights in your home if they begin to flicker or show signs of burning out, one of the first responses is to replace the lightbulb with a new one. This is a common misconception, though. A lot of the time, when a light is flickering it isn’t because of the lightbulb, it is actually an electrical issue more often than not.

Knowing how to spot an electrical issue will end up saving you trips to the store, and money. Continue reading to learn more about spotting electrical problems while learning some indoor light tips.

Why Your Lights Are Going Out

So you walk into your bedroom and turn on the light and it flickers and turns off. Naturally, you want to replace the lightbulb, but then you remember that you just replaced it last week. Now, all you can think about are all the possible electrical problems it could be and how much they will be to fix. Sometimes, though, the answer is more simple than you think and doesn’t cost much, if anything, to fix.

indoor lighting problems

If you don’t have enough outlets and have overloaded a circuit, this will lead to lights seemingly burning out on you. Sags and dips, a.k.a. “Brown-outs” are electrical surges that cause flickering in your lights.

This is mainly caused by old or faulty wiring or the light is drawing too much power from an outdated electric panel. All in all, it is worth it to get the problem fixed sooner rather than later so you don’t waste money on lightbulbs every few months.

How the Professionals Fix the Problem

fixing electrical problemsIf you live in an older home, chances are the electrical wiring will need to be replaced at some point. After calling in an electrician to help get to the bottom of your electrical issue, it may result in you needing new wiring throughout your home.

Ultimately, this can feel like a burden, but wiring lasts many years and chances are you won’t have to do this again so it is absolutely worth it in the long run. Not to mention old and faulty wiring in a home is a safety hazard. Overpowering your circuits and electrical panel puts you and your home at risk for fire as well.

It is important not to have too many extension cords or power strips throughout your home, especially if you have an older circuit breaker or fuse box. The modern electronics are only getting hungrier for electricity too, so it is probably best to have your circuit breaker replaced with a new one if you know you will be pulling a lot of power most of the time.

The Best Ways to Prevent Burnt out Lights

The best ways to prevent light surges in the home also go hand-in-hand with safety precautions in regard to your electricity. It all comes down to taking care of your cords and wires. Do not rip cords out of the walls, keep them in plain sight when they are plugged in and do not run them underneath furniture. Most importantly, do not overload your outlets and circuit breaker.

preventing burnt out lights

If you have just moved into a home that is older, it is best to have an electrician come look things over before you start plugging in a bunch of electronics. Learn the home first.

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