5 Ways to Prepare Your Florida Home Now for Hurricane Season

As the summer months approach, it is important to be prepared for potential hurricanes in Florida. Having the proper precautions in place can help protect you, your family, and your home from the possible destruction of a hurricane. In this blog post, we will explore five ways that you can prepare your Florida home now for the season ahead. From securing your roof to stocking up on supplies, these tips can help keep you and your family safe when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

1) Inspect Your Home

When hurricane season rolls around, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for whatever the storms might bring. One of the best ways to do that is to inspect your home and make any repairs needed before the storms arrive. Start by walking around the outside of your house and checking for any damage, like loose or missing shingles, cracked windows, or signs of deterioration. Additionally, check that your gutters are clear and in good condition to prevent water damage. Inside your house, check that all doors and windows will securely shut and lock. Install storm shutters or coverings on windows if you don’t have them already, and ensure that all window and door seals are tight and secure. Check the weather stripping and thresholds of your exterior doors to make sure they are in good condition. Finally, check that all vents are closed and sealed properly, and make sure you have enough supplies, like sandbags, to protect your home in case of flooding. Taking the time to inspect your home now can save you a lot of headaches during hurricane season.

2) Install A Generator

install a generatorFlorida is located in a region that is frequently impacted by hurricanes, which can cause widespread power outages that can last for days or even weeks. Elite is here with the solution you need during this unpredictable time: a whole-home generator. Our team of trained technicians will ensure that they install the correct generator for your home’s needs so that you can enjoy the many benefits:

  • Maintain Power During Outages: A generator can help you maintain power during a hurricane-related power outage, allowing you to keep important appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units running.
  • Protection of Property: A generator can help protect your property from damage caused by power outages, such as spoiled food and flooded basements caused by sump pumps that stop working.
  • Safety: A generator can help ensure your safety during a hurricane by keeping lights on, allowing you to see and move around your home more easily. It can also power medical equipment for those who require it.
  • Resale Value: Installing a generator can increase the resale value of your home, as it is a desirable feature for potential buyers.

Overall, installing a generator can help provide peace of mind during hurricane season and ensure that your home and family are protected during power outages.

3) Clear Debris From Your Yard

clear debrisOne of the most important things you can do to protect your Florida home from hurricane season is to clear debris from your yard. Make sure you inspect your property and remove any loose objects like branches, leaves, or lawn furniture that could become a hazard in high winds. If you have any large trees near your home, consider having them trimmed by an arborist or removed completely to reduce the risk of potential damage during a storm. You may also want to look into installing additional drainage systems or consider raising flower beds and other landscaping features to create better runoff patterns away from your house. Taking these steps now will help ensure your home is more prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

4) Stock Up On Supplies

stock up on suppliesHaving supplies ready is an important part of preparing your Florida home for hurricane season. Make sure you have enough non-perishable food, water, and medication to last your family at least a week. Also, consider buying items like batteries, flashlights, candles, and a first-aid kit. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure you have sandbags and other items to protect your home from water damage. Additionally, if you rely on electricity for medical equipment or special needs, make sure to have backup generators or other power sources that will keep you safe during power outages. Finally, don’t forget to gather important documents, such as passports, insurance policies, and birth certificates, so you can have them on hand in case you need to evacuate.

5) Have An Evacuation Plan

hurricane evacuation routeWhen hurricane season hits, you may have to evacuate your Florida home to stay safe. In the face of a major storm, it’s important to have an evacuation plan ready. Start by gathering information on the evacuation routes and designated shelters in your area. Make sure you know the route you will take in case of an emergency. Also, create a contact list of friends and family members who live in different areas that you can reach out to for assistance. Additionally, make sure to keep important documents and valuables such as identification, insurance policies, and money in a waterproof bag that you can grab quickly if you need to evacuate. Knowing where these items are ahead of time will save you a lot of hassle if you need to leave. It’s also important to have a checklist of all the items you need for an evacuation, such as food, water, clothing, and medications. Finally, be sure to let others know your evacuation plans before the storm hits. Having your plan communicated with family and friends can help ensure everyone’s safety in case of an emergency. Remember: when it comes to hurricane season, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

With these steps, you can be prepared for anything Florida weather throws your way. Our team at Elite is here to help kick off your hurricane preparation this season by ensuring your generator runs in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and options for a replacement that better suits your home and needs.

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