Air Conditioning repair done right

Expert Tips for Helping Your Home With Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repair Done Right

When an air conditioning or HVAC pro comes to your house, there are numerous processes they go through when diagnosing any system issues. A few of these steps can be successfully accomplished by any homeowner before you call the pros.

By troubleshooting your system with the following tips, you could save yourself time and money in emergency HVAC repairs. Here are three tips form the pros to help you troubleshoot your air conditioning system.

First, Check Your Thermostat

thermostatsThis may sound like a simple troubleshooting item and you might even roll your eyes, but you’d be surprised by how many issues with the air conditioning units turn out to be problems with the thermostat. Check first to be sure your thermostat didn’t get flipped into the “off” position.

This can happen if it gets bumped or the system resets itself due to a power outage. The second thing to check is the batteries. If the power supply to your thermostat fails, the HVAC will be unable to function properly.

If your thermostat has no power even after you’ve changed the battery, check the wiring hooked up to the unit. If it comes detached or has been chewed through, your thermostat and your unit will function improperly. Finally, check to ensure all settings are where they should be and that the day and time is accurate.

Change Air Filter Frequently

A surprising source of air conditioning problems is the air filter in your unit. All HVAC units circulate air through a filter to clean the air you breathe. During the process, particles of dirt, dust, dander, mold, and allergens build up in the filter when they are removed from the air. Over time the dirt and debris build-up and eventually clog the air filter.

air filters

Air filters are made to last for thirty days before needing to be changed. If they are left too long and get clogged, your HVAC unit will have to work much harder to circulate air through your house. As a result, you may experience less cooling than you’re used to because of how hard the unit must work. To put less strain on your unit, change your air filter every month to ensure optimal working conditions.

Does Your AC Need Cleaning?

clean systemWhen your AC unit, such as the intake fan box outside, get covered by dirt and debris, your system will be unable to function properly. Gunky central AC systems are at risk of overheating, especially when they are already working hard during the hottest days of summer.

If you tried to run a marathon at the height of summer wearing a winter coat, you’d understand what it feels like for your HVAC unit to run during the summer when it’s covered in dirt and debris.

Frequently cleaning your system by hosing away dirt and removing large sticks and twigs is an important part of system maintenance.

Dependable, Professional HVAC Technicians

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