Searching for the Right AC Company? Follow These 3 Tips

Spring is the Best Time to Schedule Professional AC Service

It can certainly be stressful when a homeowner knows they need to call a professional but doesn’t know who to call. How does a person know who to trust? Could a homeowner do the work themselves? (Spoiler: the answer is no.) 

Professionals should do air conditioner repair and AC maintenance. These simple steps will make it painless to find a pro to care for a homeowner’s needs.  

Reasons To Call the Professionals

callA home air conditioning system is no longer as simple as a block of ice and a fan. The modern HVAC system is complex and difficult to navigate for someone with no experience. Calling a professional first is always better than calling them later with an even larger problem. 

Here are some other reasons for hiring a professional:

  • Warranties: Often, a warranty can be voided if a customer tries to work on the system themselves. A part that could have been fixed with minimal cost may suddenly cost much more.
  • Injuries: It is much more likely that a homeowner who tries DIY methods will injure themselves than a professional will.
  • Time: It will take less of a homeowner’s time to call the professional and have them handle the maintenance or repair.

Researching: Word of Mouth and Reviews

read reviewsOne of the best ways to find a reliable service is to ask friends and neighbors about their work and who they would recommend for a similar service. People tend to share their opinions very freely about such matters. Searching for reviews online and checking the company’s website for pricing are also valuable tools. People tend to be very honest with their experiences online. Here are a few of the places to look for information about various local companies:

  • Google Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Facebook
  • Angi
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • HVAC Association websites

Schedule AC Maintenance or Repair Right Away

When would an AC repair company be the busiest? When it is the hottest, of course. Summer is jam-packed for AC companies, so scheduling maintenance when the weather is pleasant increases the likelihood of availability when it fits a homeowner’s schedule. 

Air conditioner maintenance is a way to ensure that the AC is working properly and won’t break down in the middle of the heat of summer. A problem that has only begun to show itself can be corrected before it becomes a major issue. Professional cleaning and maintenance also help a unit operate at its most efficiently, so this will help keep energy bills lower. Scheduling service early can save a homeowner both time and money.

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Ductless Mini Split for every home

Ductless Mini Splits: Are They Right for Every Home?

Ductless Mini Split System

Considering a Ductless Mini Split for the Home

Though most people love the warm, sunny days of summer, part of that love is often because they know there’s a way to escape the heat when they’ve had enough. Being out in the heat all day can be overwhelming at times, so knowing that there’s a comfortable, air-conditioned home to come back to helps establish peace of mind for spending so much time outdoors. But what happens when someone goes inside to cool off only to find that it is just as hot and humid inside as it was outside? Oh no...maybe the AC is broken and needs to be replaced or upgraded!

As homeowners consider which AC system is best for their own needs, they should consider ductless mini splits as an option. In this article, homeowners can learn more about ductless mini splits, how they work, and what maintenance is needed to keep them up and running.

Defining a Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Mini Split InstallationA ductless mini-split is simply another type of AC system. It essentially works the same way as a central AC system. It draws warm air from inside, sends it outside, cools it, and then sends the cool air back inside. However, there’s one component of the central AC system that a ductless mini-split doesn’t have: the ducts. While central AC systems blow cold air into the house through a network of air ducts, a ductless AC system will blow the cold air directly into the room where the system is located. 

No matter which AC system a homeowner chooses, they’ll likely run into similar challenges and issues. Therefore, fixing a ductless system doesn’t require any special needs. HVAC technicians can use the same tools, technologies, and methods for fixing a ductless AC system as they would a central AC system!

The Many Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split SystemDuctless AC systems are quite popular among homeowners because of the many benefits that they hold.
  • Built-in zoning: With a ductless system, the temperature of each room is controlled individually. So if one room is always warmer because it’s in direct sunlight, homeowners can decrease the temperature of that room without impacting the other rooms in the house.
  • Greater efficiency: On average, homes with central AC systems will lose 20-30% of conditioned air through duct leaks. Therefore, a ductless system is more efficient in its energy usage and is more efficient financially from having lower energy bills.
  • Great for older homes: Many older homes don’t have existing ductwork, so having an AC system that doesn’t require ducts is a great option. Otherwise, installing ductwork can be quite expensive!

Despite the many benefits of ductless systems, some people will opt out of them because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Though they are sleeker than a window AC unit, they are hard to hide when they are hanging on the wall.

What Does AC Maintenance Look Like for Ductless Systems?

Ductless AC System Maintenance

As mentioned, a ductless system is essentially the same as a central AC system with the same components, other than the ducts. So cleaning and maintaining ductwork is one less thing for homeowners to worry about with a ductless system! 

Ductless ACs do still need to be properly maintained in other areas though, such as regularly switching out filters, inspecting the system for damage, and replacing any parts that have started to erode. Taking these precautions is the best way to extend the life of a ductless AC system and keep everyone in the household comfortable, even on the hottest of days. 

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