Should I Replace My A/C System?

When To Replace 

Knowing when it’s time to replace a home's A/C system can be difficult. A/C systems are crucial to the comfort of Florida homes throughout the entirety of the year. So, the Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air team has provided you with a few signs that will help indicate when it’s time to replace the system. Continue reading to find out what they are!

Age of System

old ac unitThe age of an A/C system is a telltale sign that it should be replaced. The Department of Energy recommends that homeowners replace their systems every 10-15 years. Newer systems are Energy Star rated or energy-efficient with programmable thermostats. If a homeowner chooses to upgrade their system, they have the potential to save up to 40% on their utility bills.

Cost of Repairs

As with any home system, the A/C system will require some TLC or a repair from time to time. However, if a homeowner notices the need for frequent repairs there are a few things to take into consideration. If a repair is half the cost of a new system, it may be better to replace it in the long run. Each time a repair is made, it is important to keep in mind that the system won’t be able to run at peak performance.

R22 Freon

freon being recharged in ac unitIf an A/C system requires R22 freon, it may be time to consider looking for a replacement. Since January 1, 2020, R22 freon was discontinued in the U.S. due to its negative effects on the environment. Most systems older than 10 years require R22 freon and will need an unattainable refill at some point for a repair.

Inconsistent Running Time

If it seems that the A/C system is running for longer than usual, it may be an indicator that it is in need of repair. The system may be struggling to reach the desired temperature that it’s set to. This problem can be caused by bad coils or a failing blower motor. It is important to check these two components first because if they are functioning properly, it’s a clear sign that the system can no longer properly circulate air.

Rising Utility Bills

woman looking at her billsUtility bills fluctuate throughout the year with the seasons, even in Florida. However, bills in the same months, but in different years, should be relatively the same. As the A/C system ages and its efficiency deteriorates, utility bills are expected to rise. Replacing an A/C system guarantees savings of 20-40% on utility bills while being comfortable throughout the entire year.

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