Three Signs That an Electrical Panel Needs to Be Inspected by Professionals

Is Your Electrical Panel Failing?

Electrical panels are essential for ensuring the safety of a home. They provide the necessary protection against fire, damaged electronics, and other hazards associated with electricity. A well-functioning panel is also important for the optimization of electricity usage in the home. 

Electrical panels can help to prevent damage to electrical devices and the home by tripping the circuit breakers when the circuit is overloaded. However, a malfunctioning electrical panel cannot provide the same protection, so it’s important to get them serviced by an electrician. This blog will share some signs of a faulty electrical panel in need of repair or replacement to alert homeowners when to call professionals. 

Dim or Flickering Lights

lightIf homeowners notice that some of the lights in their homes are flickering or not as bright as they used to be, it is important to assess what could be causing the issue. In many cases, this problem can be solved by replacing an old lightbulb with a new one. However, it could also indicate a larger problem within the electrical system of the home.

If the flicking and decreased brightness are happening for multiple different lights in the home or if the lights begin to dim or flicker when another appliance is plugged in, it could be a sign of an issue with the electrical panel. This problem can occur when too many appliances are drawing power from the same circuit, meaning that certain appliances may be using more power than can be provided by the circuit it’s on.

Burning Smell 

When homeowners smell something burning, particularly if it comes from the electrical panel, it is never a good sign. This usually means that the electrical panel is overheating, arcing, or experiencing an electrical malfunction, most likely caused by overloaded circuits, old components, or defective wiring. 

In cases like this, the circuit breaker may have to be replaced since it can no longer handle the power requirements of the home, and allowing it to continue as is, could lead to serious problems, like the possibility of an electrical fire. A burning smell should be taken as an urgent warning that the existing panel is no longer safe and that a qualified electrician must be called in to handle the problem immediately.

The Electrical Panel is Old and Outdated

panelWhile homeowners may be happy to know that a standard electrical panel is built to last, most professionals agree that 25 to 40 years is the average lifespan of a panel before it becomes old enough to be considered obsolete and should be replaced to adhere to current safety standards. Electrical panels should also be inspected as a part of routine electrical system inspections to ensure it’s in good condition. 

Most homeowners probably won’t have to upgrade their electrical panel more than a handful of times in their lives, but for those who are moving into older homes, it is imperative to check the age of the panel. If a home is over 20 years old and has an original electrical panel that has never been replaced, it typically needs to be upgraded. Doing so will give homeowners the peace of mind of knowing that their homes are powered safely by an electrical panel that can handle their modern appliances.

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Three Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills

Spend Money on Christmas Presents––Not Utility Bills! 

During the holiday season, every penny counts. Eating in, using coupons, and staying home on Friday nights can only go so far. If homeowners are serious about saving money this holiday season, they should consider getting a programmable thermostat, changing air filters, and consulting a qualified HVAC technician for maintenance. 

Each of these measures does more than just save on electric bills; they also help homeowners get the most from their HVAC systems. With these simple steps, families can enjoy a more comfortable home without an expensive price tag. 

Get a Smart Thermostat 

thermostatMany manufacturers, like Nest and Honeywell, now specialize in “smart” technology. Instead of relying on an old dial mounted to a wall, one can get a wifi enabled thermostat. These devices give homeowners complete control over their home’s comfort and indoor air quality.

Using a smartphone app to control their smart thermostat, one can: 

  • Create heating and cooling schedules 
  • Predict their monthly energy bill 
  • Remotely turn the AC or heater on and off 
  • Identify problems with the system 
  • Reduce homeowner’s energy bills 
  • Compare their energy usage to previous months 

These devices are relatively cheap on today’s market, with some models starting at around $60, and they can help homeowners save money monthly on energy bills. 

Replace the Air Filters 

filterEnergyStar notes that most homeowners should change their HVAC unit’s air filter at least once every three months. Air filters basically let the HVAC unit “breathe” by allowing proper airflow while filtering out dog hair, dust, and other indoor air pollutants. Changing the air filters on time helps keep the unit working efficiently, saving homeowners money on electric bills. 

Signs that someone should change their air filters include: 

  • The unit overheats easily.
  • The system constantly turns on and off. 
  • The home never gets to the desired temperature. 
  • The home’s energy bills increase, despite no change in AC or heater usage. 
  • There is dust build-up around the home’s air vents. 
  • The season changes. 
  • More people (or pets) move into the house. 

Before air filter replacement, one needs to know the filter’s length, width, and height. That’s because not all units need the same size air filter. Larger systems generally require larger air filters than smaller units. 

Consult a Trained Professional 

Homeowners should schedule AC maintenance visits at least once a year and heater maintenance at least once yearly. A professional can assess the home’s HVAC system and prevent any problems from arising. During their inspection, a trained professional will:

  • Measure the refrigerant levels 
  • Check all motors and belts for tightness and wear 
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil 
  • Look for any leaks and then seal them 
  • Inspect the system’s electrical terminals 
  • Evaluate the system’s power source 
  • Insulate pipes or ducts 

HVAC systems can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on how well they’re maintained. Homeowners can give their HVAC system a longer life and better efficiency, leading to lower energy bills with routine maintenance. 

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Are A/C Tune-Ups Worth It? Our Team Answers With These Three Points!

Top 3 Benefits of Regular AC Tune-Ups

Trying to figure out if the added expense of routinely servicing your A/C system is worth it can be difficult. However, outweighing the expense with the benefits will help you make your decision. Our team has listed out a few of the key factors an A/C tune-up can help you with. Continue reading to find out how you can benefit from routine maintenance!

Detect Problems

Person checking test AC unit

One of the most common reasons to schedule an A/C tune-up is to detect any underlining problems your system may be experiencing. Our technicians will ensure your system is working properly and efficiently, and clean out any debris in or around your system.

Lower Utility Bills

person using several calculators

Routine maintenance aids in keeping your system running at peak efficiency, which will result in lower utility bills. Although it is natural to see utility bills fluctuate throughout different months, they should be relatively the same throughout the years.


Warranty label

The icing on the cake of scheduling routine maintenance is that it also maintains your manufacturer’s warranty. Many systems come with limited warranties that require annual maintenance to be performed by a technician to remain valid. If you do run into a costly repair, your annual tune-up cost may save you!

These are just a few of the reasons why A/C tune-ups are crucial to the vitality of your system.

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Here Are Three Ways Homeowners Can Celebrate Earth Day!

The Best Eco-Friendly Practices Anyone Can Do!

Spring is the time of year that everyone comes out of hiding and gets all of their deep cleaning done. It’s also the time of year that people tend to do home improvement projects and plan for the warm season ahead. More and more homeowners seem to be catching on to the different ways they can make their homes more eco-friendly. 

It doesn’t have to cost a large sum of money to have an eco-friendly home in today’s world. In fact, there are plenty of eco-friendly options that cost little to no money at all. Below are three ways homeowners can make their homes a little more eco-friendly this Earth Day. 

Open the Windows

Opening the windows is a great and eco-friendly option to conserve energy during the spring. It doesn’t cost any extra money and actually saves the homeowner money on their monthly energy costs, and reduces stress on the HVAC system. Spring is the time of year when the air conditioning system isn’t necessarily needed just yet. So, homeowners can get away with leaving the windows open longer. 

Doing so also helps to circulate the airflow and reduce allergens in the home, which increases the air quality as well. When the air in the house is stale, it becomes a playground for illness. 

That said, not only does opening the windows help to conserve energy, but it has numerous other benefits, including: 

  • Saving money
  • Saving the HVAC system
  • Reducing allergy symptoms

Investing in Indoor Plants

Believe it or not, investing in live indoor plants is a great option to help create a more eco-friendly home. Plants do a fantastic job of circulating airflow and refreshing the home.

plants Some plants work better than others. Eucalyptus is an excellent example of this. It is recommended that homeowners place a sprig of like eucalyptus in their bathroom or hang it from their showerhead. The plant is steam activated and releases cleansing particles into the air that removes any contaminants and cleans the air. It also helps to refresh the sinuses of the person taking a shower. The best part is that the plant continues to do this every time it is around steam for the entirety of its life. 

Nearly every houseplant has its own benefits for cleansing the indoor air, but eucalyptus is a great place to start. 

Regular Maintenance and Filter Replacements 

air filter Many homeowners choose to neglect their home’s HVAC system of regular maintenance because they feel it is a waste of money. However, investing in regular maintenance is far less expensive than what it costs to repair the HVAC and any damages it causes when it breaks down. Not to mention that a regularly maintained system lasts longer and has fewer breakdowns. 

One thing that homeowners can do on their own to maintain their AC system remembers to change the air filter at least once every three months. A clogged air filter is usually the culprit for a home that has poor air quality. If the homeowner calls in a professional, the first place they look is the air filter.

It can be hard to remember to change the air filter on time, so professionals recommend that homeowners set a calendar reminder on their phone every three months. That way, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about remembering! Their phone lets them know! 

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