HVAC Systems Deserve New Year's Resolutions Too

Improving the AC system in the New Year 

AC systems provide the much-needed coolness in hot and humid environments. However, due to prolonged use, especially in hot months, these units may develop various problems. For this reason, homeowners should always consider their AC systems when drafting their New Year’s resolutions. A licensed HVAC technician can conduct an energy efficiency checkup in a home to check for energy loss areas. With this kind of information, a comprehensive audit can be done to determine the extent of the required upgrades. 

Regular Maintenance Is Important 


One thing about routine maintenance is that it prolongs the life of an AC system. Some units may even last longer than their projected shelf-life thanks to regular maintenance. It is always advisable for the best results to have the AC systems checked before the warm season begins. The same case applies for cold months; it is necessary to schedule routine maintenance before winter to avoid HVAC emergencies in harsh weather conditions. 

This approach also helps identify problems in advance and create a more precise framework for fixing them. The HVAC technician can easily generate an estimate for both the amount of money and time that would be needed to fix the problem, consequently reducing cooling costs and increasing efficiency. Better airflow, reduced humidity, and general comfort are some of the benefits of an efficient AC system. 

Replace Air Filter Regularly 

air filter

Because of their exposure to both clean and dirty air, air filters need to be replaced regularly. Experts recommend having these units checked every 90 days to ensure that they are in good condition. Clogged air filters require a lot of energy to circulate clean air, leading to higher energy bills. 

Maintaining a Constant Temperature 

An HVAC system works hardest when it is turned on. A sudden, significant reduction in temperature makes the unit work even harder to achieve the required temperature set by the user. In the process, certain components of the HVAC unit experience wear and tear.

Also, when the HVAC system’s temperature is inconsistent, it leads to higher energy bills because the unit has to work extra hard to meet the household’s demands. This explains why some homeowners usually set their thermostats to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid irregular heating and cooling patterns.

The cost-related benefits aside, here are some additional advantages of maintaining a constant temperature:

  • Prevents the expansion and contraction of hardwood floors due to irregular heat and cold 
  • Creates better sleep patterns as the human body adapts to a certain temperature
  • Improves overall mood 

Homeowners also need to keep in mind that it is not wrong to change the temperature when need be. It is, however, important to understand that this should not be done frequently and irregularly. 

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