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Electrical Panel Repair

When Does Your Electrical Panel Need Repair?

Signs of a Damaged Electrical Panel

Every home is equipped with an electrical panel. Just like your plumbing, it’s an essential part of your house and, without it, your home would not be able to function. The electrical panel serves to route all electricity flowing to your home safely to the various devices that are connected to the electrical grid, including your washer and dryer, lights, and HVAC.

If your electrical panel stops functioning properly, you are not only at risk for appliances malfunctioning, but you could be at risk of starting a fire, as well. The following tips will help you spot when it’s time to repair your electrical panel.

Old Electrical Panels Are a Risk

As with any part of your home, the electrical panel has a lifespan. Most can function anywhere from twenty-five to forty years. After that point, they’ll start showing signs of wear and tear, and their age will get the best of them. Once they get past the forty-year mark, they’ll need replacing entirely to maintain maximum safety for your home and those who live with you.

old panelWhat are the signs that your panel is getting old?
  • Switches are too loose or too tight when flipped.
  • The breaker trips unaccountably.
  • There are visible signs of rust.

If any of these signs are present, it’s important to have a professional electrician examine your panel for needed repairs or replacement. Any of the above issues can cause significant problems and should not be left unrepaired.

Don’t Ignore a Burning Smell

A serious sign that your electric panel needs to be inspected and likely replaced is if you ever experience a burning smell coming from the unit. Burning smells coming from your unit are typically due to wires shorting out. When wires begin to short out, they not only cause your appliances and lighting to stop working properly, but they pose a significant hazard.

burning smell

When wires short out, they are burning themselves and can easily start a fire within the walls of your home. Once you have a fire in your walls, it can be too late to save your home from significant damage.

If you smell any burning, shut off the electrical panel immediately and call an electrical technician to inspect your unit. Short-circuiting wires always result in needing to be replaced before the electricity can be turned back on.

Flickering or Dimming Lights Could Indicate Panel Issues

light bulbsIf you’ve ever experienced a flickering or dimming lightbulb, you might have thought it was the lightbulb itself that was going out. But if you changed your bulb and you still had it happen, then it’s not the lightbulb that is your problem, but the electric panel.

When the panel starts to wear out or wires become damaged, they aren’t able to conduct electricity as well as they used to. The reason why you have ebbing lights is that the electricity is not flowing consistently to your appliance.

When you experience this and you’ve determined that it’s not the lightbulb, it’s vital to call a professional electrician so the problem can get fixed. Not only will you save money by not replacing endless lightbulbs, but you can also save yourself from a potentially hazardous situation if your panel stops working properly altogether.

Professional, Dependable Electricians

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