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Set the Scene for Some Backyard Fun This Summer!

Three Easy Ways To Have Fun in the Sun (Without Leaving the Backyard) 

Summer flies by, and before long, it will be time for kids to head back to school. To make the most of this summer, homeowners should consider turning their backyards into private oases. In this blog, electrical experts share ideas big and small to help homeowners create the yard of their dreams this summer.  

Some of these ideas include: 

Add Some Outdoor Lighting 

The party or barbeque doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. Homeowners can party deep into the night by installing lights in their backyards. This may include landscape lighting, which highlights specific plants or trees. Or homeowners might instead choose some of these lights for ambiance: 

  • Solar lights. One can purchase solar lights and install them along paths and walkways. The best part? These lights don’t require batteries; they turn on automatically when it gets dark outside. 
  • Fairy lights. Homeowners can string fairy lights around tree branches or plants. These tiny lights usually come on malleable wires, allowing decorators to place them nearly anywhere. Fairy lights are either solar-powered or come with batteries. 
  • Christmas lights. Homeowners can buy electrical Christmas lights and wrap them around poles, trees, and rails. They don’t have to be used only around the holidays. They can be left up for ambiance in the backyard year-round by picking a neutral color. 
  • Tiki torches. These decorations don’t require batteries––just a match or lighter. Plus, it can turn any backyard into a tropical paradise.

Get an Outdoor Generator 

generatorA generator can keep the party going! By getting an electric generator, one can: 

  • Accommodate those with medical devices. Some party guests may rely on medical equipment (such as oxygen tanks) to attend events. By having a generator, a host can accommodate any guests, regardless of their health concerns. 
  • Use electronic devices. With a generator, anything is possible. For instance, one can use a generator to power a projector to host an outdoor movie. They can also power video game consoles, light shows, and other energy-dependent devices. Guests can even charge their phones! 
  • Prevent power outages. Florida weather is unpredictable. Partygoers can bathe in the sunshine one minute, and a heavy thunderstorm could knock the power out the next minute. A homeowner can prevent a power outage from killing a festive mood with a generator and allow guests to continue using hot water and electricity. 
  • Cook and protect food. Using a generator, one can add some variety to their backyard BBQ using electric-powered grills and smokers. Generators also prevent food from spoiling during a power outage, allowing any fully stocked fridge to stay that way. 

Go All In With a Pool or Hot Tub 

poolWhen summer temperatures peak or homeowners are exhausted after a day of yard cleaning, nothing beats a dip in a pool or hot tub. These water features are not only an enjoyable addition to a home that will create memories for the entire family, but they can also greatly increase the home's property value.

Of course, installing a pool or hot tub does need some infrastructural work to be correct. Not only does the space need to be prepared or potentially excavated, but all wiring and electrical connections must be done up to current electrical codes by a qualified electrician. By working with an electrician, homeowners can trust that one of their biggest investments will be completely safe and ready to provide enjoyment and relaxation every summer! 

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