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Three Easy Ways To Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Homeowners Can Spend Less While Staying Cool 

Florida’s brutal summers make having a functional AC unit crucial for survival. Per the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners spent close to $14 billion last year to keep their homes cool. Those numbers are expected to increase with the advancement of global warming. Thankfully, there are many things homeowners can do to beat the heat while also keeping energy costs low. Some considerations include installing a programmable thermostat, weather stripping the windows, and relying on fans. 

Get a Smart Thermostat 

thermostatMany big-name brands like Nest, Honeywell, and Amazon now produce smart thermostats. These devices allow homeowners to control their homes’ indoor climate at an affordable price. 

Some benefits of these devices include: 

  • Remote programming: Many smart thermostats come with mobile apps. That way, homeowners can control their home’s temperature, even when they’re away. 
  • Energy consumption readings: Many people don’t know how much energy their home consumes until the utility bill arrives. Yet, with a programmable thermostat, they can see how much energy their home uses through the app. This allows them to make changes as necessary. 
  • Energy conservation: Older thermostats aren’t “smart.” They just follow the homeowners' instructions. However, smart thermostats use data to conserve energy and only turn on when needed. This isn’t just convenient but cost-effective. 

Weather Strip the Windows 

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that even a small crevice can cause cool air to escape a home. This requires the air conditioner to work overtime to generate cold air and make up for the cold air that escapes. 

Homeowners can avoid this problem by weatherstripping their windows and doors. A weatherstrip is what it sounds like. It’s a thin piece of plastic, fabric, or rubber put around a window’s edges. This creates a seal, allowing the home to stay cool even when it’s boiling outside. 

However, while weatherstripping is ideal for small cracks and crevices, some homes have larger holes for air to escape. In that instance, homeowners can rely on caulk to seal the gap and achieve the same result: keeping the home cool. 

Use the AC Less and Plug-In Fans More 

fanConsider this: the average AC unit uses thousands of watts an hour to keep the home cool. On the other hand, the average desktop fan uses less than 30 watts an hour. Watts refers to the amount of electricity a device uses. The more watts an appliance uses, the higher the homeowner’s energy bill. 

Instead of relying solely on their AC system, homeowners should also rely on box fans and ceiling fans. These items circulate cool air, making the home feel cooler than the thermostat reading suggests. It’s also more cost-effective than setting the AC to a low temperature it’ll never achieve. 

Here’s a tip: homeowners should have their ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise in the summer. This creates a downdraft and promotes better air circulation throughout the home. 

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