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Test your heating system

Now is The Time to Test Your Heating Systems

Now is The Time to Test Your Heating Systems


It can be incredibly inconvenient, stressful and expensive to have your heating systems go out on one of the coldest days of the year. One easy and effective way to avoid this is to test your heating systems before the cold weather arrives so that you’re confident that they’re ready.

Fall is the perfect time to do this so that you’ll have adequate time to identify and fix any problems. To help you prepare your heating system this fall, today we’ll talk about some common issues you might see and how you can address them.

Knowing When It’s Just a Thermostat Problem

thermostatproblemsSometimes your system is not properly heating and you assume that it’s a problem with your unit when in fact it’s simply a thermostat problem.

This is an easy fix if you know what to look for and can help you avoid having a cold house this winter.

Your thermostat works as the brain of your system - it tells your heater when to work and how warm to make your house. If the thermostat is not working properly, your heater does not receive the right instructions and your home will not be properly heated.

So, if your system is not working properly, the first place to check is with the thermostat. By ensuring that its batteries are working, that it’s on and that it’s programmed correctly, you can make some easy fixes to ensure your system is ready for winter.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

circuitbreakerIf your heater stops working, it could be an issue with a circuit breaker. To determine if it’s an electrical issue, start at your electrical panel.

If there is a burning smell, if the circuit won’t stay reset or if the circuit looks very old, the circuit breaker might be an issue. If so, you’ll want to have your electrical panel and unit professionally checked.

While you can sometimes reset the circuit and get your heat working again, identifying and fixing any underlying issues will help you to avoid an HVAC emergency this winter.

Dealing With a Blown Fuse

blownfuseDepending on the type of electrical panel that you have, your heating issue could be the result of a blown fuse. Thankfully, these are generally pretty easy to detect.

If you look at your electrical panel and see burns, that’s a good indication that you have a blown fuse. Additionally, if you see melted wires or off-color glass, that generally means you have a blown fuse.

Again, rather than simply replacing the fuse, it’s important to take the time to have your system and panel checked to make sure that you address any issues that led to the blown fuse. You don’t want to wait until winter arrives to make sure that your heating systems are working properly.

To avoid an HVAC emergency, it’s important that you test your systems and deal with any issues before the really cold days arrive. We hope you’ll take some time this fall to make sure everything is working properly. If you have any questions or need to have your unit serviced, call Elite Electric & Air today at (772) 905-3527.