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Sub-standard AC repair from wrong technician

Warning Signs You Hired The Wrong Technician

Warning Signs You Hired The Wrong Technician

ac-tech-checking-acThese days it has become really difficult to hire a competent AC repair service. There are many technicians out there  that provide substandard repairs that require constant maintenance. The substandard repairs will not permit the air conditioner to work at its optimum level and will burn through more energy, which will take a toll on the homeowner’s expenses.
As the winters are around the corner, many people have already hired technicians to repair their air conditioners as no one wants to sit in the intense heat without an air conditioner. These people often have no idea how to gauge the competence levels of the technician as they do not have the required knowledge to evaluate the situation.

Warning Signs You Should Look Out For

riskThe signs given below are warning signs that you should look for in your technician, if the technician possesses any of the following qualities, it is recommended that you should consider hiring someone else for the job:

  • No license: If the technician does not have a license that means that they are operating illegally in the Tampa bay area.
  • No referrals: if the technician cannot provide referrals that is a clear sign indicating that none of his or her prior clients were satisfied with the AC services offered.
  • No Insurance: Another warning sign that indicates the incompetence of the technician is if they do not have insurance. This is not only dangerous for them but for your interests as well.
  • No guarantee: Every reputable AC repair service offers a guarantee on repairs, the period often varies according to the repairs. If no guarantee has been offered that indicates you are going to have trouble in the future.
  • No business location: One final sign that indicates the incompetence of the technician is that if the technician does not have a business location.

These warning signs should not be taken lightly and if anyone has hired a technician that possess these qualities given above it is recommended to consider hiring another person for the job.

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