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Do you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace that needs a tune-up? Don’t go anywhere. We have the professional expertise and flexible scheduling capacity to get your job done fast and well. Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is one of the top furnace contractors in Jupiter, FL.

Routine air filter changes are the first steps to preventing repairs and risk in your heating and cooling systems.

Do I Need an Emergency Furnace Repair?

We provide 24-hour services whenever our customers need it because we know problems don’t always wait for normal business hours. If you suspect that you are experiencing a problem that can’t wait until morning, give us a call and we will send a knowledgeable professional to you right away.

  • Freezing temperatures: If the heat goes out in cold temperatures, pipes could freeze and burst or your home could become too cold to stay in.
  • Gas leaks: A crack in your system could become life-threatening.
  • Fire hazards: Frayed wiring or severely clogged filters and ducts can pose serious issues.

What Is the Best Furnace Maintenance Plan?

Proper furnace maintenance is key to keep your family safe, your utility bills manageable, and your system lasting long. It will ensure your maximum comfort and get eyes on problems before they arise. So what does proper furnace maintenance look like?

  • Annual inspection: Having a professional tune-up once a year before winter will ensure an easy transition into the colder season.
  • Regular filter changes: Keeps indoor air quality what it should be and diminishes fire risk.
  • Carbon monoxide detection: Be sure to install detectors and change the batteries when necessary.
  • Clean systems inside and out: Keep the area around your furnace clear and make sure your professional checks for clear ducts during your routine maintenance visit.

Worried about your indoor air quality? Check out our air cleaning solutions to see which one would suit your property best.

Does My Furnace Need to Be Tuned Up?

Know the signs of an inefficient furnace and know who to call when you notice them. We suggest a professional visit if any of the below symptoms apply to you.

  • Short cycling: Damaged thermostats or heat exchangers could be causing your system to run for short periods of time before shutting off.
  • Irregular flames: Dirty burners or cracked heat exchangers could be causing your flames to lean toward the back of your furnace. Do not ignore this sign.
  • Abnormal sounds: Rumbling, popping, and whistling could indicate a number of furnace issues.
  • Cracked heat exchanger: This can cause headaches and flu-like symptoms as well as carbon monoxide leaks. Take action if you suspect a cracked heat exchanger.

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