Palm City Generator Services

The purpose of having a generator is to provide power to the home in times of an outage. So, what do you do when the generator isn’t working? Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to help. Proudly serving residents of Palm City, you can count on us to be here when your generator isn’t working the way it used to. Providing 24/7 services, our technicians will be ready to answer your call, no matter what time it is.

Don’t let a bad situation get worse, call our company to have your generator serviced regularly. Stop dealing with that generator that hardly works and give us a call!

Signs Your Generator Isn’t Working Properly

When the generator stops working, nobody is happy. If the generator isn’t working properly, you have no power and that can be hazardous. So, how do you know when your generator is doing something it’s not supposed to? Here are a few signs that your generator may need professional attention:

  • Reduced appliance efficiency
  • Flickering appliances
  • Frequent malfunctions
  • Carbon monoxide emissions
  • Older generator
  • Leaks
  • Higher energy bill

If you notice any of these warning signs occurring, don’t procrastinate getting the generator serviced. Having a generator that frequently breaks down defeats the purpose of having a generator. Guarantee that your generator will be operating at peak performance when you need it to by calling a professional today.

Which Generator is Best for You?

How are you supposed to know which generator is best for your home? There are several factors that you should consider when looking for a new generator in your home. There are portable generators and generators that feed power to your entire home so it’s worth comparing the differences between the two. Other than that, there are several other things to consider such as:

  • The wattage of the appliances in your home
  • The capabilities of the generator
  • Generator price
  • Features
  • How often your generator is used

By considering all of these factors, you’ll be able to purchase a generator that is exactly right for your home. If you’re looking into powering the entire home, it may be worth looking into a home standby generator that is built to have a higher wattage capability.

Why Call Our Company?

When your generator breaks down, it can be dangerous. Let a professional company handle the job instead. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we only hire highly trained professionals to work on your generator. Whether you need your generator replaced or repaired, we’ll be glad to have a technician solve the problem for you. Our company offers:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • On time arrival
  • Upfront pricing

When you’re in trouble, call Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air for help. We’re the experts you can trust, right in your neighborhood.

If your generator is having a problem in Palm City, FL, we can help! Call Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air for assistance at 772-905-3257.