Air Cleaning & Air Filtration Services in Jupiter

Clean air has never been easier and more efficient to have in your home. We install the leading air cleaners for your best health and comfort.

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Why Should I Get an Air Cleaner?

Excellent air quality is the best gift you can give yourself and others. Whether bettering your health or promoting better indoor smells, air cleaners are a great addition to your HVAC system. The EPA documented that indoor air is typically 70% more polluted than outdoor air--but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Reduce allergens
  • Improve overall air quality for people with asthma
  • Lower humidity
  • Improve interior smell
  • Disperse cigarette smoke
  • Kill airborne bacteria and germs

What Type of Filter Should I Choose?

Your filter of choice will depend on your reason for needing one. Do you smoke? Do you suffer from allergies? Is your goal to have a more sanitary household? We have options that cater to your specific needs.

  • Ionic: Preferred by smokers, this filter produces negative ions to capture positive ions, including dust and allergen particles.
  • HEPA: Initially made to remove radioactive dust particles from the air, these are now effective home remedies to mitigate mold, dust-mite debris, pet dander, bacteria, and even pollen.
  • UV: Ultraviolet light air filters kill microorganisms altogether and are preferred for preventing illness and disease.
  • Carbon: Reduces odors and fumes without releasing the contaminants back into the air and is considered the most absorbent filter.

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What Maintenance Is Involved?

Maintenance differs depending on what model you choose. However, with some simple care, air cleaners can directly affect your quality of life for the better. Here are some tips to keep your air cleaner in optimal condition.

  • Routine vacuuming is a must to remove dust, paying special attention to the exterior panels and grills.
  • HEPA style filters need to be changed about every 3-6 months.
  • Professionally service your air purification system at least once a year in order to guarantee that it is operating as effectively as possible.
  • UV air purifiers will need bulbs replaced from time to time.

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