Heat Pump Services in Jupiter

This renewable heating and cooling option has been making waves in Florida. It’s one of the best systems to get you through a long hot summer.

You can count on Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air to provide timely, thorough service when you need it most. We keep your options open for heating and cooling solutions to make sure our customers have whatever they need to stay comfortable year-round in Jupiter, FL.

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What Is a Heat Pump?

Installing a heat pump is a great heating choice, especially in Florida. Heat pumps work both ways, literally taking the heat out of the air and transferring it either outside or inside depending on the desired temperature. These are efficient particularly in temperate southern states where winters do not get as cold. How they work:

  • Air enters the heat pump.
  • The heat pump compresses refrigerant, making it hot.
  • The opposite reaction of instant cooling happens upon decompression as the refrigerant escapes into a lower pressure chamber.
  • Air blows over the hot or cold side depending on whether you need your property to be colder or warmer.

Are Heat Pumps Really That Great?

The government thinks so! From possible tax rebates to increased heating and cooling efficiency, a heat pump is a sure way to keep your home at the desired temperature. Not sold? Think about the different perks you could gain from installing a heat pump.

  • Receive a renewable heat incentive (money back) from the government as a reward for lessening your carbon footprint.
  • Get optimal indoor air quality, better than conventional heating methods, because it produces no fumes or smoke. Also, air filters remove dust, bacteria, and mold spores to keep your home safer from allergens.
  • Gain the best overall system efficiency as it does not produce condensation and is one of the safest heating methods.

We offer ductwork cleaning services to ensure your system is running safely and efficiently.

How Do Heat Pumps Compare to Other Heating Methods?

We encourage our customers to know all of their options before choosing a heating and cooling solution. Our hope is that we help you find the best fit for your home or office. We install all kinds of heating systems. Let us tell you why heat pumps are one of our favorites!

  • They typically cost 25% of what other heating and cooling systems operate.
  • They conserve considerably more energy since they use a renewable energy source.
  • They let users instantly switch from cooling to heating with the touch of a button.

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