Jupiter Water Leak Detection

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Even small water line leaks can quickly lead to big problems, such as mold growth, property damage, and more. Our expert plumbers at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air are here to help—we’re the topwater leak detection company in Jupiter, FL.

Our friendly team provides premium water leak detection and plumbing leak repair services without the premium prices. Whether you have a minor water pipe leak or need emergency burst pipe repair, we’ll be there fast and get the job done right.

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Signs of a Potential Water Leak

Although some water leaks are easy to spot, others are less conspicuous. Luckily, there are a few ways to tell if you’re experiencing water leaks before they spiral out of control:

  • Increased Water Bill: A sudden spike in your water bill is a good indication of a potential water leak. Check to make sure an outside hose bib isn’t dripping, then give us a call.
  • Decreased Water Pressure: Leaky and burst pipes often lead to a drastic decrease in water pressure.
  • Mold and Mildew Build Up: Water leaks can lead the mold growth in as little as 24 hours, regardless of the size of the leak.
  • Interior Stains: Water stains on your floors, ceilings, and walls are telltale signs of a significant water leak.

If you experience or find any warning signs of a leak, don’t wait! Reach out to our team at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Many things can lead to leaks, and they aren’t always in pipes. Appliances or connection points can also leak. Sometimes it's due to environmental issues, while other times, human error is to blame. The most common causes of water leaks we see here in Jupiter include:

  • Ground shifting or foundation problems
  • Clogged pipes and drain blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Poor installation
  • Old age
  • Construction accidents (usually digging related)

Our experts will quickly identify the source of your water leak and resolve it while taking every precaution necessary to prevent problems in the future. Our straightforward approach to water leak repair allows us to repair leaks fast and effectively, minimizing water damage and the risk of mold growth.

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Expert Water Leak Detection and Repair Services in Jupiter, FL

Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is Jupiter’s go-to choice for water leak detection and burst pipe repair. With over 30 years of experience, our team can handle all your plumbing needs while giving you unmatched customer service throughout the detection and repair process.

Don’t wait until water leaks destroy your home. Contact our friendly experts at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air for professional water leak detection and repair services in Jupiter, FL, and elsewhere in the Miami Metro area. Call us at 561-202-1062 today!