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Spotting Problems in Electrical Wiring

Signs of Electrical Wiring Problems  Electrical contractors estimate that the average home has nearly a mile of electrical wiring. When that wiring is installed using the latest building codes and high standards of workmanship, the materials can be expected to last for decades. However, not every situation is perfect. Sometimes, wiring is installed in such […]

Electrical Safety Tips and Devices for Your Home

Practice Electrical Safety for Electrical Safety Month! In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, experienced electricians want to remind homeowners to practice electrical safety not just this month but all year round. Electrical safety is critical for preventing electrocutions, electrical fires, and other accidents in a home.  Homeowners can take simple steps to ensure their […]

Black History Month: HVAC Edition

Meet David Crosthwait, Alice H. Parker, and Lewis Latimer!  The home’s heating and cooling system didn’t come out of thin air. It needed inventors’ and engineers’ insight. But who were some of those important innovators?  This Black History Month, interested readers can meet three icons that are truly some of America’s “hidden figures.” These inventors […]