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Black History Month: HVAC Edition

Meet David Crosthwait, Alice H. Parker, and Lewis Latimer!  The home’s heating and cooling system didn’t come out of thin air. It needed inventors’ and engineers’ insight. But who were some of those important innovators?  This Black History Month, interested readers can meet three icons that are truly some of America’s “hidden figures.” These inventors […]

Hang the Holiday Lights Early!

Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety   It’s time to celebrate! The holidays are a time of peace and joy, so many homeowners are getting started early with the festivities. The holidays begin with homeowners putting up large amounts of Christmas decorations, and all that takes is some time, so everyone needs an early start.  Getting ready […]

How to Choose the Right Outlet

Electrical Outlet Safety Features Electrical outlets are essential for providing the home with electricity to power appliances, lights, and electronics. An electrical outlet is a receptacle to which homeowners plug in their electric-powered devices.  Some safety hazards are associated with electrical outlets, such as accidental electrocution and electrical fires. Electrical codes require that certain outlets […]