HVAC Zoning Services in Jupiter

Increase your whole-home efficiency by choosing different areas of your home to keep cooler than others.

We have been servicing the Treasure Coast since 1988, and we would be privileged to service your home, too. We have built our business on meeting the specific needs of our customers with quick service, attention to detail, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can rely on Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air for all of your HVAC needs in Jupiter, FL.

One of our many services, zoned cooling, can be a valuable investment to optimize the airflow and cooling efficiency in your home or business. We see our customers realize the value of this service quickly after installation.

If you need heating and cooling solutions for larger spaces, we offer commercial HVAC solutions.

To Zone or Not to Zone?

HVAC zoning systems can be an efficient answer to high utility bills and hard-to-cool areas. First, you’ll want to identify whether or not there are areas of your home or building that should be temperature controlled differently. Our professionals can help you decide the number of zones that would be effective for your situation. Regardless of how many zones you have, you’ll reduce your energy by conserving unnecessary cooling. Based on the information below, would your home or building be a good candidate for zoned cooling?

  • Finished attics and basements
  • Vast rooms or entire wings
  • Rarely used spare bedrooms
  • Cathedral, vaulted or high ceilings
  • Large windows
  • Multiple story homes

What Makes Zoned Heating and Cooling Worth It?

Choosing a zoned air for your property can be a great long-term investment that ensures temperatures stay efficient and meet the demand of the thermostat. Smart systems make your home climate remote controllable right from your smartphone. We have the options and the knowledge for the expert installation you need.

  • Savings: Energy isn’t wasted on space that isn’t used during chosen times.
  • Precise and easy control: Change climate settings from your smartphone.
  • Superior air quality: Zoned ductwork means that allergens don’t spread as easily through your home.

We install smart thermostats so you can control your interior climate from your smartphone, keeping your system heating and cooling operating at optimal efficiency.

Ductless Mini-Splits Are a Portable Option

These sleek, less permanent systems don’t require any ductwork installation and can be moved wherever you need them. Their simple installation and quiet operation make them a customer favorite to add to any space that needs an extra boost of cool.

  • Notice savings of up to 50% due to efficiency and a better-controlled climate.
  • Install anywhere--the compact design makes wall or ceiling mounting a great option.
  • Portable zoned cooling gives you the freedom to efficiently cool whatever space you need.

Residential or commercial HVAC zoning systems are our bread and butter at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air. Call us today at 561-202-1062 in Jupiter, FL.