Jupiter Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

For reliable electrical panel upgrade services, you can contact Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air today!

As your home gets older, your home’s electrical panel is likely to have a hard time keeping up with the increased electrical demands on the system. Your lights, heating and cooling systems, computers, pools, and appliances are increasingly energy-efficient but today’s average household uses more gadgets than ever before. That’s when an electrical panel upgrade becomes necessary.

If you live in the Jupiter, FL area and your home are more than 10 years old, your electrical system may be unable to keep up with your electrical demand. You can count on Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air to upgrade your electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades - Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air

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How Does an Electric Panel Work?

An electric panel works by regulating the electricity coursing through your premises. If the electricity demand on a circuit is too high, a circuit breaker in the panel is tripped, preventing the wiring from being overloaded by electricity. The electrical panel, therefore, helps to keep your family and home safe by breaking the circuit and regulating the electricity.

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

  • You live in an older property: Most older homes have electrical panels that are just unable to keep up with the modern workload. If that’s the case, you need to upgrade your breaker so you can use all the electrical equipment and outlets you access daily.
  • You have fuses rather than circuit breakers: While both circuit breakers and fuses perform the same function, the latter is outdated, and melts, short-circuits, or blows instead of tripping when overloaded. Using fuses in this day and age can be costly, inconvenient and even dangerous.
  • You’re upgrading your home, or appliances: If you’re remodeling, expanding or introducing new electrical products and appliances to your home, then you need to upgrade your electrical panel so you have the power necessary for your upgraded home to function properly.

If you suspect the wiring on your breaker system is not right. We can inspect and fix it for you! We work fast so you can get back to enjoying your home.

How Does a Panel Upgrade Work?

A panel upgrade starts with an inspection of your home by electrical experts to determine how many amps are needed to run your household efficiently. The electricians will then make necessary installations and adjustments to ensure your home is receiving that consistent level of power.

Most homes typically run on an average of 200 amps, but this may change depending on the number of luxury items, appliances, and advanced electronics.

For reliable electrical panel upgrade services, you can contact Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air today!