24 Hour Heater Repair in Jupiter

We hope you don’t have a problem with your heater, but if you do, you can count on us to fix it right the first time.

You’ll know why our customers trust us to handle their whole-home air systems when you find out what timely, thorough HVAC work looks like. Servicing the treasure coast for over 30 years, Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is a reputable central heating repair service in Jupiter, FL.

Ductwork is key to keeping your system clean and efficient! We offer professional ductwork cleaning services to keep your system running safely.

Does My Heater Need a Tune-Up?

Does your home or office struggle to get warm? Does your heater make loud noises? Are your utility bills higher than normal? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your heater probably needs a tune-up. Our professionals are experts at quick, thorough service that can prevent small issues from turning into bigger ones. Here’s what to expect from a maintenance visit:

  • Shut off power: For the sake of a safe working environment, our professionals will kill the power before they check the inside components of your system.
  • Part repair or replacement: Our professionals will offer the best solutions so you can make an informed decision about your heating system.
  • Filter changes: Air filters are key for a safe and efficient heating system. You can expect a filter change unless it has been replaced recently.

What Is Considered a Heating Emergency?

Heating issues don’t always happen between normal business hours. That’s why we are on call when our customers need us most. If you have an emergency that can’t wait until morning, we will be on our way.

  • Temperature emergencies: No heat in colder temperatures can be a risk.
  • Severe blockages: Clogged ducts and fans can cause fires.
  • Health problems: Mold and bacteria can grow in poorly maintained systems and be blown through your home.

Consider installing a smart thermostat so you can control your property’s climate from your smartphone.

My Heater Is Working But My Home Still Isn’t Warm Enough?

As your heating service company, we know how frustrating it can be to have problems and not know what is causing them. If you find that your home or office is not reaching your desired temperature or shuts on and off frequently, there could be some lurking issues outside of the heater itself.

  • Leaky ducts: Hot air escaping before it reaches the proper location can be a hassle in older systems. Not only does it make your space uncomfortable, but it is also wildly inefficient and costly.
  • Unreliable thermostats: Sometimes malfunctioning thermostats send mixed signals to the furnace, causing it to switch on and off before it has time to fully do its job.

Don’t let minor issues turn into major ones. Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is your heating maintenance company in Jupiter, FL. Don’t hesitate to call 561-202-1062 today!