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UV Air Sanitizer Services - Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air

Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is available to install the latest and most modern UV air sanitizers to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from harmful bacteria and pathogens which may be present in your indoor air. When you count on our team for efficient UV air sanitizer installation, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the air you’re breathing is as clean and as pure as can be, thanks to your new UV air sanitizer system.

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How Does UV Air Sanitization Keep You Healthy?

Most air filtration systems require air to pass through a series of filters designed to capture dust, dander, bacteria, and other irritants. However, once these filters get clogged, it can become easy for items to pass through and into your home. Unlike filter-based systems, UV air sanitizer systems use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill viruses, germs, spores, bacteria, and fungi that may be present in the air coming into your home.

Because these systems effectively kill harmful irritants, we recommend UV air sanitization systems be installed in any home with inhabitants who have respiratory problems, ongoing illnesses, small children, or the elderly.

The technicians at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air are happy to visit your home and determine if UV air sanitization installation solutions would be the right fit for your needs, so contact us today.

What Are the Added Benefits of UV Air Sanitizer Systems?

Besides purifying your air as much as possible, homeowners who choose UV air sanitizer installation solutions can also enjoy:

  • Reduced monthly energy use: UV air sanitizers can eliminate many of the airborne irritants which can clog up your HVAC system, causing it to over-work and run less efficiently.
  • Long-term savings: Because your HVAC system works more efficiently after UV air sanitizer installation services, you will also see a decrease in your monthly energy bills as a result.

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