Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Port St. Lucie, FL 

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous, colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, undetectable by human senses. That's why it may not come as a surprise that carbon monoxide is the number one cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the US. Call Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air at 772-905-3527 for carbon monoxide detector installation services you can trust.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic byproduct of combustion, so it can be prevalent in homes where fuel is burned. However, awareness of carbon monoxide is high, so heating systems, fireplaces, and other areas where combustion occurs are highly regulated, and devices are created to correctly and safely manage the expulsion of carbon monoxide. But with the help of one of our expert electricians, you can add, or continue to have, the extra protection a hard-wired carbon monoxide detector offers you, your family, and your home.

There are three ways a carbon monoxide detector can be powered: via batteries, an electrical outlet, or a direct connection to your home’s electrical system, aka, hardwired. Hardwired systems carry 120 volts and can be integrated with home alarm systems, so it’s imperative to hire an expert for the installation, repair, or replacement of a wired carbon monoxide detector. If you want the added protection of a wired carbon monoxide detector, or need repair to an existing one, call the experts at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air today. Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air offers carbon monoxide services in Port St. Lucie, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors work by triggering an alarm when too much carbon has been detected in your home’s air. It is recommended that CO detectors are installed in all locations required by law, outside bedrooms, and on each floor of your home. There are three main types of wired carbon monoxide detectors from which technicians may choose:

  • Electromechanical CO detector: This type of carbon monoxide detector utilizes electrodes that are submerged in a chemical solution. The solution is sensitive to electrical currents that change when CO is in the air, and any changes trigger the detector’s alarm.
  • Biomimetic CO detector: A biomimetic detector, also known as a biomimetic sensor, uses a gel that changes color when CO is detected. When the color of the gel changes, the alarm is triggered.
  • Metal oxide semiconductor: With this type of detector, a silica chip in the alarm can sense CO in the air, and when it does, the chip reduces the electrical resistance inside the alarm, triggering the alarm to sound.

Carbon monoxide alarms will not turn off until the air is clear, so if your alarm sounds, take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all your household members.

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We Offer Carbon Monoxide Detector Services

Protecting your family and your home from carbon monoxide doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you hire the experts at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air to install, repair, or replace your hardwired CO detector. Our trained electricians will make sure your carbon monoxide detector works as expected, and if needed, is fully integrated into your home alarm or home automation system.

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