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5 Benefits Of Installing a Whole-Home Generator

Why Invest in a Whole Home Generator?

Are you deciding to invest in a whole-home generator, but you aren’t sure if the benefits outweigh your initial investment? Our Elite team is HERE TO HELP explain a few of the benefits of installing a whole-home generator. Find out what they are below!

Uninterrupted Energy Supply

Living off the southeast coast of Florida automatically puts you in the number one spot for hurricanes to make landfall. With that comes unpredictable inclement weather. A whole-home generator automatically kicks on when your home loses power from your local grid. Whole-home generators can automatically detect an outage and create an uninterrupted supply of power to keep your appliances running.

Keeps Your A/C Running

Everyone has experienced what it’s like to have their A/C quit on them. Whether that is due to a power outage or system failure, being without air conditioning in south Florida is no fun and uncomfortable. With a whole-home generator you will have the power to keep your family safe and comfortable. On average it can take 48 hours for electric companies to restore power and depending on the severity of the storm it can take even longer. A whole-home generator will detect an outage immediately to provide uninterrupted comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

Prevents Food From Spoiling

food spoiling

When you have an uninterrupted power supply, you won’t have to worry about your food spoiling ever again. Whole-home generators can keep your fridge running for as long as you need during an outage. This is in contrast to a portable generator, which can only keep your refrigerator running for 10 hours.

You Work From Home

work from home

If you work out of your home then you know how vital your internet connection is to the functionality of your business. With a whole-home generator, you can keep your business operations running and maintain an online presence. This will allow you to provide support to your customers during a natural disaster or inclement weather.

Someone In Your Home Requires An Electric Medical Device

oxygen machine

If you or a loved one in your home requires a medical device that is connected to power, installing a backup generator is vital to their survival. When someone critically relies on a medical device, even a brief loss of power can be lethal. A whole-home generator is ideal because it automatically restores the loss of power compared to a portable generator that must be manually started.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a whole-home generator! If you want to have the power to weather any storm, consider installing a whole-home generator with our Elite team. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (772) 362-9860.