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A Day Without Electricity: What Would Happen?

A Day Without Electricity: What Would Happen?

“noelectricity”Something modern society definitely takes for granted these days it's the constant presence of home electricity. It's so integrated into our lives we don't even notice it. Consider how many devices Port St. Lucie, FL residents make use of at any point on any given day. There's almost no part of our lives where we're not handling or focused on something powered by electricity. Monitors, clocks, music players, radios ... you name it.

But what would happen if all of a sudden there was no electricity? Think about how much our daily routines would change and the adjustments we would have to make. Power is a utility human beings rely on so much, even though it's not actually critical to our survival. Let's go through a thought exercise. What would it be like to go a day without electricity?

No HVAC System

“heatingac”No power would mean no way to control our climate. We'd be at the mercy of the weather, which means thing could get nippy or scorching hot depending on the time of day and season.

If the temperature is cool, you can wear multiple layers and bundle up beneath a series of blankets to stay warm. You can even light a fire if you have the right tools and space.

If the weather is warm, well, there are only so many clothes you can peel off. It would also be a good idea to try finding a nice spot of shade in order to stay out of the sun. Since there are a number of health risks associated with extreme weather, it should be a top priority finding a way to regulate body temperature.

Forget About Hot Showers

“showers”Plumbing isn't affected too much by a lack of electricity, except in one key area. Without power, there's no warm water, and without warm water, there's no hot showers.

This is fine if you're cool with skipping a shower session for a single day. Some people, however, rely on the feel-good power of a sizzling hot shower to start their day.

Those people would be out of luck, but they say cold showers build character. Now's the perfect time to put that theory to the test.

Dealing With No Lights

“lights”Lights are everywhere these days, which is why the absence of light would probably be the most apparent thing missing.

No sources of synthetic light at night would make it difficult to navigate anywhere, be it the streets or your own home. Once the sun goes down visibility quickly plummets.

At this point, it's time to break out the emergency kit. Every home should be equipped with candles and battery-powered flashlights for just such an occasion. These can't replace electric lights, but they're enough to get you through one night in a dark building. Just be careful while walking.