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Combat These 3 Common A/C Issues With a Simple Tune-Up

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to make sure your air conditioner runs optimally all summer long? An A/C tune-up may be just what you need. A simple tune-up can help you combat the three most common issues that can occur with air conditioning systems. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top three issues that can be easily addressed with an A/C tune-up and how you can benefit from the process.

1) Higher Energy Bills

high energy billsOne of the most common issues homeowners face when it comes to their A/C units is higher energy bills. This is due to a number of reasons, including an accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris that can restrict air flow, causing your A/C unit to work harder and consume more energy. Additionally, an old or outdated A/C unit may not be as efficient as a newer model, further increasing your monthly energy bills. Fortunately, this issue can easily be solved with a simple A/C tune-up. A technician can come in and thoroughly clean your A/C unit, removing any dirt, dust, or debris that may be restricting airflow. Additionally, they can inspect the unit for any worn or damaged parts and replace them as needed. This will ensure that your unit is working at peak efficiency and help reduce your energy bills.

2) Poor Air Quality

poor indoor air quality Poor air quality is a common issue faced by homeowners in the summertime. Not only does it create an uncomfortable environment to be in, but poor air quality can also be linked to various health issues. Fortunately, a simple A/C tune-up can help combat this issue. During a tune-up, a technician will inspect your A/C system for any worn or damaged parts that could be contributing to poor air quality. They’ll also check the air filters to make sure they are working properly. This will help remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air and make sure that your air is of the highest quality. Additionally, they’ll check your ductwork for any leaks or cracks, which could also be affecting your air quality. Lastly, they’ll make sure that your refrigerant levels are correct and that there are no leaks. This will help ensure that your A/C is operating efficiently while also ensuring that the air is free of pollutants. By getting an A/C tune-up annually, you can be sure that your air quality is up to par and that your family is breathing healthy air throughout the summer months.

3) Frequent Breakdowns

AC breakdownAre you constantly having to repair your air conditioner? Do you feel like the repairs never seem to be enough? An A/C tune-up is one of the best ways to combat frequent breakdowns. A regular tune-up can help you detect and fix minor problems before they become major ones, saving you money on costly repairs down the line. It’s important to have a qualified technician, like our Elite team, inspect and clean all the components of your air conditioning system, including the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and blower motor. They can also check for leaks and test for proper refrigerant levels. All of this work will help ensure that your A/C unit is running at optimal efficiency and reduce the chances of it breaking down.

Don’t let frequent breakdowns, poor air quality, and higher energy bills leave you without comfort this summer. Our ELITE Team is here to help with all your comfort needs this summer season. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure your A/C is AWESOME this summer.