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Enjoy a Complete Home Renovation When You Include These Air Quality Tips

Enjoy a Complete Home Renovation When You Include These Air Quality Tips

Home Remodel
There are many good reasons to renovate your home, and usually, the only limitations you have on doing so are either not enough funds, or, if you’re already living in your home, the possible inconvenience of the work being done while you’re there.

But if you do decide it’s time to make some major improvements, keep in mind that air quality can sometimes be affected, and that can have an impact on residents. With our tips, however, you keep the health risks to a minimum.

Invest In a Purifier

PlanFor people that are thinking of the long haul in terms of air quality, one way to add a bit of value to your home and make it healthier is to start using an air purifier.

These come in portable models that can be moved from one room to the next, or, for complete coverage, a fixed unit that is attached to your HVAC.

In the case of fixed units, this purifies every room in the home. This can be a matter of peace of mind, or of health necessity, depending on your needs.

With newer, more energy efficient homes, there’s not as much “leakage” of air from inside getting outside and vice versa. That can sometimes mean that air inside a home is more contaminated than outside air, especially if certain lifestyle choices, like smoking indoors, are in effect.

A dedicated air purifier renders every room in the home safer than anything you’re likely to experience outside of a hospital! It’s also an excellent decision if members of the household have respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma or even more serious lung conditions.

Take Extra Precautions with Older Paint

If you have an older home, with paint that hasn’t been touched in a few decades, the paint that’s already on the walls may contain lead. Any home with paint on the walls that predates 1978 was allowed to contain lead before laws changed to ban the inclusion of that metal in house paint.

If you want to remove this type of paint, be extra careful. Lead is harmless on a wall, but as dust that can be breathed in, it has health risks for healthy adults. Children, however, are even more vulnerable to respiratory problems from lead. Ensure it is safely removed before children enter such a space.

Put a New Filter In

Air FilterWhen all the major work has been done, the paint is drying, the carpet laid out, and the new rooms are ready to use, you’ve still gone one small job left; put a new filter in your HVAC system.

Ordinarily, you only need to do this every three months. With a major renovation, your filter is much dirtier than usual.

As long as it stays in there, your HVAC needs to work harder and translates into higher energy bills. So, avoid paying more than you need to with a fresh filter.

Once everything is done, you can now enjoy the fruits of your renovated home in Port St. Lucie, FL. It’s both a home that more precisely meets your personal needs, and may now even enjoy increased property value thanks to the changes. If you managed to do this with our tips, you enjoyed better air quality too.