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Keeping It Cool Even in the Waves of Summer Heat

Three Tips To Beat the Summer Heat

The state of Florida is known worldwide as a tourist destination for the beauty of its beaches and summer fun, even beyond the mouse-infested amusement parks. However, every Floridian knows that the lush beauty of the state does not come without a price. The heat and the humidity combine for a very uncomfortable situation if there is no sufficient air conditioning. 

Probably every resident of this diverse state has come up with their own method of staying cool, but here are a few things recommended by the experts that won’t break the bank. 

Take a (Cold) Shower


Everyone knows the relief of jumping in a pool on a hot day, but how many have considered the idea of cold, or at least colder, showers?  Not only does this keep a person cool, but it can also save money by using less energy. There are also a surprising number of health benefits associated with taking cold showers.

  • Reduce itchiness
  • Improve skin health
  • Ease post-workout soreness
  • Help improve metabolism
  • Help wake the body up

Change the Bed Sheets

bedIt is amazing the difference that bed linens can make. Clean sheets are wonderful to slip into after a long day. Once people have slept on sheets, leaving the body’s natural oils and such, the comfort seems to lessen. Keeping sheets clean will help keep sleepers cooler even in the summer months. 

Also, as with anything that has seasonal benefits, there are sheets designed for both the height of summer and the depth of winter.  These fabrics tend to keep heat in rather than releasing it. Jersey and flannel sheets may be perfect for the winter months, but the basic cotton or linen sheet will be the best for cooling during the summer. Other natural fibers such as bamboo are now being used to make sheets for cooling those who sleep hot.  

Replace That Air Conditioning Filter

All HVAC systems are equipped with a filter. These filters are not only to protect the appliance itself but are primarily to protect the inhabitants from irritants and pollution. Air pulled in from the outdoors can hide many things that are detrimental to health and comfort, such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Fungus
  • Particulate matter
  • Pollen
  • Mold 
  • Mildew
  • Smoke

State-of-the-art filters work very hard to keep the air circulating in a home clean, but just like the bedsheets accumulate skin cells and oils, the filter collects this pollution. As the filter catches these particles, it is more difficult for the air to move through and be cooled and sent throughout the home. The motor of the HVAC unit has to work harder the more clogged the air filter is. This can cause inefficient cooling at best and motor overheating at worst. Changing the filters regularly is one of the easiest forms of maintenance and will help to guarantee that a household’s AC unit is performing at its peak.

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