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consequences of not cleaning your air ducts

Potential Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Potential Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Air Ducts


4moneyThe air in your home is of immense importance. It can impact your health, damage your HVAC equipment, and lead the cost of your energy bills to rise.

It’s essential that you clean your home air ducts on a regular basis to mitigate the damage that this problem can cause throughout your home. And so, we’re highlighting the potential consequences of not cleaning your home's air ducts.

Rising Energy Bills

If you don’t clean the air from the ducts in your home, you’ll find that your equipment has to work harder to push the same amount of air through.

This means the equipment will use more energy over time. By simply having the air ducts cleaned, you can ensure that your equipment works at a steady pace and can provide the highest quality air without working inefficiently.

Higher Maintenance Costs

A further impact of having dirty air ducts is that the dirt and other contaminants in the ducts can become lodged in your HVAC equipment.

You’ll find that your equipment requires repair on a more regular basis, as components begin to wear down due to strain and your systems lose their power. The costs for maintaining your equipment will rise the longer you go without cleaning your ducts.

Sinus Infections

Unclean air ducts causes sinus infectionsWe know that sinus infections are linked with bacteria around the home. Bacteria can come from dust and dirt in air ducts, which is then spread throughout the home via your home ventilation equipment.

Over time, the sinuses become inflamed, and infection occurs. This can become dangerous if the infection starts to impact your lungs and cause further damage to your overall health.

Asthma-Related Conditions

3asthmaAnother one of the most common risks associated with having dirty air ducts in your home, is asthma.

You might find that those with asthma have a greater difficulty breathing normally, as dust and airborne contaminants restrict their breathing. If the problem persists, they may have attacks and other asthma related symptoms.

It’s important to contact your local air duct cleaning company if you believe your ducts haven’t been cleaned in recent months.