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Save the Chills for Halloween, Not From a Broken Heater

Spotting Signs That the Heater Needs Repair

Halloween is coming, and with it, cooler temperatures. This means that the chills running down peoples’ spines may not be solely attributable to the spookiness during the season. For many people, this is the time of year that they will turn their heaters on consistently for the first time. However, some of those people will discover that problems have popped up in the offseason, preventing their heater from properly heating their home. 

Heaters are complex machines that can fail in unexpected ways. Spotting signs that a heater is failing can allow homeowners to call for heater repair so that the damage doesn’t spread to other components within the heater and its efficiency doesn’t suffer further. Here are common signs that heater repair is needed.  

Inadequate Heating 

Heater repairs are not DIY projects, so most people don’t attempt to fix their heating systems due to their complexity. When problems arise, the best course of action is to call a heating repair contractor to inspect and repair the system. The first and most obvious sign that heater repair is needed is inadequate heating around the home. 

A malfunctioning heater will have a harder time keeping up as temperatures drop. This will be even more recognizable if a problem prevents the heater from heating the home as quickly as it did previously or prevents the heating from working at all. If the heater seems to be running too long of cycles to heat the home, or the air from the vents doesn't seem as warm as it should be, call a heating professional before bills get out of hand or the family is left uncomfortably cool. 

New and Unusual Sounds 

soundsAnother common sign that heater repairs are needed fits in with the season. During Halloween, spooky thumps and squeals are common accompaniments with decorations to serve as a background for the holiday. However, when it comes to heaters, they can produce their own soundtrack for the holiday when something is wrong. Some of the sounds that are common with the heater that can indicate the need for heating system repair are: 

  • Squealing coming from loose belts
  • Thumps from expanding ductwork that has come loose
  • Grinding from unlubricated parts 
  • Hissing due to low refrigerant
  • Humming from motors that are failing

Calling a professional when something doesn’t sound right is always the best course of action. They can make quick repairs and stop problems before they spread or cause other parts to fail prematurely. 

Spiking Energy Bills 

electric billWhile the cool season is usually the time of year when heating bills rise, abnormally high heating bills are a common sign that something is wrong. If homeowners diligently track their utility bills, they can notice spikes that could indicate a problem with their furnace or other heating system. 

If high energy bills are plaguing the Halloween season, call a professional to fix the heater. When heaters run inefficiently due to a lack of maintenance or a faulty component, it can cause bills to climb and a heater’s lifespan to suffer. With a visit from an HVAC expert, heating bills can stay lower, and the heater can be trusted to run faithfully for the rest of the season.  

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