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Spotting Problems in Electrical Wiring

Signs of Electrical Wiring Problems 

Electrical contractors estimate that the average home has nearly a mile of electrical wiring. When that wiring is installed using the latest building codes and high standards of workmanship, the materials can be expected to last for decades. However, not every situation is perfect. Sometimes, wiring is installed in such a way that it starts to fail. Other times, specific wires get used so often that they tend to fail before others. Regardless of the cause, keeping electrical wiring in good shape is a primary concern for property owners. 

When electrical wiring is faulty, it can present a massive safety concern for the home and those who live in it. One of the largest contributors to property loss, residential or commercial, is electrical fires resulting from faulty wiring. Electricians do everything possible to minimize the risk, but they can’t be everywhere. The duty falls to the homeowners to recognize the signs of bad electrical wiring. Here are three common signs that electrical problems are coming from the wiring.  

Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses 

When electricity is flowing through the wiring, it heats the wiring. This is true under normal circumstances and is usually managed by observing building codes. One of the building codes designed to permit the optimal flow of electricity is the presence of circuit breakers and fuses. These devices limit how much electricity can flow through a wire and can stop the flow if it becomes too fast. 

If fuses are constantly blowing and breakers are tripping, there is likely a problem with the wiring on that particular circuit. A few common issues could contribute to the problem, which can all be dangerous. If tripped breakers and blown fuses are common, getting an electrician to look for the problem in the electrical system and wiring is a good idea. 

Hot Outlets or Signs of Scorching 

outletWhen breakers don’t trip, or fuses don’t blow to limit the amount of current flowing in a wire, it can lead to a positive feedback loop that causes heat to build up. When this situation is allowed to continue, fires can be the result. The second sign of faulty wiring is all about spotting the signs of overheating. 

Outlets are a common source of wiring issues because they are frequently used. This can cause wiring to come loose and demand too much electricity. Outlets with this problem can be warm to the touch or may have soot on the faceplate, the result of scorching. Professionals need to be called if these signs are spotted in any of the home’s outlets. 

Burning Smells or Buzzing Sounds Near Outlets 

smellOther signs of faulty wiring can also be common near outlets or other parts of the electrical system and are related to overheating. Electrical boxes are designed to contain and prevent fires and can sometimes inhibit small fires to the point there is no visible evidence. This is why property owners need to rely on other senses to find faulty wiring. 

The strong odor of electrical fires or burning may be present if the wiring is faulty. There can also be audible buzzing noises that can sound like the hum of a transformer or a rapid buzzing. If a homeowner notices any signs of bad electrical wiring, power should be turned off, and professionals should be called immediately to keep the home and its residents safe. 

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