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Why Does My Generator Keep Cutting Out?

Generator Cutting Out? Here's Why!

Generators are useful additions to Florida homes due to their ability to power your home in the event of a storm or natural disaster. Like any home system, generators have their own set of issues that can cause them to shut off unexpectedly. This can become increasingly frustrating when you are preparing to use your system in the event of an emergency. Our technicians have listed out a few of the common causes of your generator cutting out or shutting down altogether. Find out what they are below!


lightning striking a home

One of the most common causes of a generator cutting out is overloading. Since most modern generators come with automatic switch-offs, they will shut down when they become overloaded. However, you will not find this issue in older models because they don’t have this safety feature. The benefit of an automatic shut-off is the generator will not keep running while underpowering the appliances connected to it, in return, maintaining the vitality of your appliances. In order to keep your generator from overloading, you will need to lessen the demand for your generator. Ensure you are adding load according to the size and capacity of your generator.

Oil Levels

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Your generator can also shut off if there is an issue with the oil level, either too low of a level or an excess of oil. When oil levels are low in your generator, the oil will quickly heat up when your system is turned on, causing the generator to shut down. If there is too much oil then the generator’s sensors will shut itself down. It is crucial to check the oil level within your generator to keep it running smoothly without any problems.

Water Levels

water valve

If you also have too low water levels in the radiator then the system can shut down. When there are optimal water levels within your radiator, the engine, voltage meters, and control panel will all function properly. Ensure the water levels within the radiator do not dry out, and regularly check the radiator’s water levels prior to turning your generator on.

Fuel Tank

generator fuel tank

One of the main reasons your generator may be cutting out is a faulty fuel tank or fuel pipe. Fuel pipes carry and distribute fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and the carburetor. When the fuel does not flow within the pipes properly, it can cause pressure inside the pipes leading to supply issues. An indication of this is leaking on or around the pipes or below the surface of the generator. If you do notice spots, schedule an appointment with a professional to get your fuel tank cleaned to release the pressure. It is crucial to fix any leaks on the pipes as well.


generator carburetor

Finally, if your system’s carburetor is faulty it will shut down in just a few seconds. Bad fuel left inside the carburetor can also lead to problems within it. The ingredients from the accumulated fuel can enter and clog the carburetor, preventing the proper flow of fuel. You can opt to clean the carburetor yourself, but if the problem is not resolved it is best to schedule an appointment with a technician to replace the faulty carburetor entirely.

These are just a few of the reasons why your generator may be cutting out. It is easier said than done to pinpoint the problem due to the number of moving parts. One of our Elite technicians would be more than happy to help mitigate your generator’s problem. Give our team a call today at (772) 362-9860.