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Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air is proud to provide superior electrical services in Fort Pierce, FL, and the surrounding area. Our commitment to excellent work and outstanding customer service is unparalleled. With over three decades of experience, we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We have some of the most talented and experienced electricians on our team. Feel free to contact us for services ranging from electrical outlet repair and electrical panel upgrade to breaker and fuse services.

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Why Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade Necessary?

Burning smells, smoke coming out of the outlets, unusual sounds coming from a fuse panel box, and flickering lights are just some of the reasons you might need to upgrade your electrical service panel.

Since the electrical panel is mostly out of sight, many people overlook it. The truth is, however, a service panel upgrade is just as crucial and always as necessary as upgrading any other household appliance. Over time, panels struggle to meet the ever-increasing electrical demands, so if you’re noticing signs that it’s time for replacement, then call our certified electricians and we’ll handle the rest.

What Are the Benefits of a GFCI Outlet?

Most GFCI outlets are installed in areas around the home that are likely to be damp or wet. You’ll usually find them in kitchens, outdoor areas, bathrooms, laundry rooms, crawl spaces, and more. Besides electrical code requirements, there are several benefits of installing GFCI outlets.

  • Electrical shock prevention: GFCI outlets are designed to monitor the flow of electricity and prevent shocks by cutting off power when they detect even the smallest changes in electric current.
  • Prevent damage to electric devices: Electricity leaks can damage your appliances over time. GFCI receptacles help prevent these damages by cutting off power when they detect even the smallest amount of electricity leaks.
  • Prevent electrical fires: CGFI outlets can prevent fires from happening due to current leaks.

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24 Hour Electrical Service

When there’s no electricity in your home, you might have to put even the most basic tasks on hold until you resolve the issue. Unlike other repair and maintenance tasks that can be quickly fixed, it’s always best to call a professional to deal with electrical issues. At Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air, we understand that when electrical issues occur, they can put a halt to anyone’s day. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services. When you call us for emergency services, we’ll send a licensed 24-hour electrician to diagnose and resolve your issue right away.


What is the best home generator?

You always want to be sure your home is prepared in the event of a power outage. The best home generator is one that is connected directly to your homes electrical and can power on the moment a loss of power is detected.

When are GFCI outlets required?

GFCI outlets are designed to automatically cut power if there’s ever an imbalance in the electrical current in your home. Although they’re not required, it’s a great way to keep your home and yourself safe from any electrical surges or damaged wiring.

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