Plumbing Services in Indiantown, FL

Avoid extensive water damage in your house from a plumbing issue by scheduling professional repairs. Call us for services in Indiantown and Indian River County.

Is your water heater failing to produce hot water? Are your drains clogged? You need professional plumbing services. Restore comfort to your house by scheduling repairs with Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air in Indiantown, FL. When you book services with us we provide 24/7 appointments and promise to arrive on time.

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We proudly provide complete plumbing services to the Indiantown area, including:

  • Emergency services
  • Water heater repair & install
  • Drain cleaning
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Sewer line repairs
  • Water line repair & install
  • Clogged toilet repair

Ways To Prevent Toilet Clogs

A clogged toilet can lead to a plumbing emergency. While you might be initially concerned about the inconvenience, it can also cause water damage. You can avoid these issues through the following tips:

  • Don’t flush disposable diapers or wipes.
  • Don’t place large wads of toilet paper in the toilet.
  • Don’t flush paper towels.
  • Don’t place items like Q-tips or other beauty and hygiene products in the toilet.
  • Don’t flush hair trimmings or nail clippings.
  • Keep a wastebasket near the toilet to remind yourself and others to throw non-flushable items in there.

Advantages of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

When choosing between a traditional water heater or a tankless unit, you should consider these advantages that tankless systems provide:

  • They only heat the exact amount of water needed. This can reduce your monthly utility bills.
  • They require less maintenance than traditional units.
  • They pose fewer risks of contaminated water since the water isn’t sitting in a tank until it’s used.
  • They take up less space than traditional models since there isn’t a storage tank.

We understand that emergency plumbing repairs may not be in your budget right now. Call us to learn about our financing options.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line problems can quickly cause major damage to your house and property. To avoid these problems, it’s important to know what can cause them, including:

  • Blockages in drains that clog the line.
  • Corrosive soil that causes the line to deteriorate.
  • Cracks in the line.
  • Shifting of the earth that causes the lines to collapse. Aging can also cause this.
  • Tree roots that are interfering with the line.
  • Problems with your septic tank.
  • Issues during a major construction project that interfere with the line.

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