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When it comes to electrical services, you need an electrician committed to quality services and customer satisfaction. Do you need to replace your fuse panel box? Or do you have an electrical emergency in the middle of the night? No matter what your electrical service needs are, Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air has got you covered.

We offer 24-hour electrical service along with electrical panel upgrades, GFCI outlet installation, and more. Our team takes pride in providing fast, efficient, and affordable electrical services in Jensen Beach, FL, and the surrounding area.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Service Panel

Although usually hidden out of sight, your electrical service panel is a critical part of your home’s electrical system. If you’re experiencing electrical issues, replacing or upgrading your electrical panel can often resolve them. Some of the advantages of an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • Increased home safety: Newer electrical panels incorporate advanced technology designed to ensure your electrical system works properly with improved safety features.
  • More consistent power: Modern appliances and devices may demand more power than an older panel can handle. An upgrade, therefore, can result in a steadier flow of power and a lower likelihood of tripping breakers or damaging expensive appliances.
  • Additional appliances and circuits: A modern electrical panel allows you to add circuits and outlets to support more appliances and electronics.

Are GFCI Outlets Really Necessary?

GFCI outlets are special types of outlets that continuously monitor the current entering and exiting an outlet. If the GFCI detects an imbalance in the electrical current, it shuts off power to the outlet, preventing damage and minimizing the risk of an electrical shock.

GFCIs are required by the National Electric Code (NEC) in all new bathrooms, kitchens, unfinished basements, and most outdoor receptacles. The great thing about these outlets is that they protect you even if your wiring isn’t grounded.

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Signs You Need Switch and Outlet Repair

Switches, outlets, and plugs get plenty of use, which makes them prone to wearing down. Worn-down switches and outlets are not only an inconvenience but also a danger. Here are warning signs that you should call on our professional electricians at Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air for electrical outlet repair.

  • Damaged faceplates
  • Noisy switches
  • Lighting delays
  • Burnt/heated plastic
  • Ungrounded outlets

Generators & Electrical Services

Having a working AC is great, but Florida is known for violent storms and hurricanes. Even if your generator isn’t big enough to power the entire house, any working generator will be useful. There is nothing worse than being hot, wishing for a breeze, and cranking the generator only to find out it won’t work, even to blow a fan.

Here are a few tips to keep your generator well-maintained for when you need it most:

  • Before you do anything: Look for visual damage. If there is any obvious visual damage, it is in need of a professional inspection. Even if you don’t see obvious signs, if the machine has been dropped or made an impact, components may have been shaken loose.
  • While it’s on: Listen for noises that sound strange. Extra noises can mean extra problems--and not the kind you want to fix right after a storm. Even if the generator is running odd sounds typically mean something is wrong mechanically.
  • Schedule maintenance: Biannual maintenance by a professional is the easiest way to ensure your machine stays running properly in between periodic starts.

If this all seems like more work than you’d like to do, then opt for a professional whole home generator instead. Regardless of what route you choose, you’re always going to need an electrician to get the job done right.

At Elite Electric, Plumbing & Air we offer a full range of electrical services including:

  • Lighting
  • Panel Upgrades
  • New Panel Installations
  • New outlet installations
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • GFCI Outlets
  • And More!

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